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Your 2016 ADHD Education Guide: IEP and 504 Plans

Experts and parents answer commonly asked questions about navigating the confusing IEP or 504 process, from requesting testing to formally advocating for your child's needs.

Dear ADDitude: Part Two

Our readers ask: How do I get my child evaluated for services and set up the IEP or 504 plan she needs to thrive?

Question 1: "In kindergarten, my son's school said he didn't qualify for an IEP or 504 Plan because he is 'too smart' and was keeping up. Now in second grade, he's falling behind — and his incomplete classwork comes home every night on top of his regular homework. Can I ask for another round of testing?" Read the answer
Question 2: "Should we reveal our daughter's ADHD in her private-school application? Can this decrease her chances of getting in? Is a private school obligated to provide 504 Plan accommodations?" Read the answer
Question 3: "The school has completed its testing and filed its report, which recommends an IEP with special education help for my child. This Friday, we're sitting down with the director of Special Education. How should I prepare for the IEP meeting? What else is considered when determining next steps?" Read the answer
Question 4: "My son currently has a 504, and while I really thought he would benefit from a higher level of resource support an IEP provides, the school turned me down. Why do some children with ADHD get denied an IEP? What criteria do most schools use to determine if a student is eligible?" Read the answer
Question 5: "Can the school refuse to acknowledge or accept medical documentation from our psychiatrist? The principal told me that the psychiatrist will 'say whatever Mom wants,' but I think this input is vital for securing proper services for my child." Read the answer
Question 6: "I need to request an evaluation from my boys' school. Is there a template letter I can use containing all the important info?" Read the answer
Question 7: "A full month after our IEP meeting, I still don't have an updated version of the IEP reflecting changes we discussed. With only 50 days of school left, I want the corrected version in my hands ASAP. How long should an IEP take to prepare?" Read the answer