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Many ADHD children -- and their parents -- struggle with ADD/ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity, behavior issues, disorganization, anger, and poor social skills. These will help your family regain control over these and other symptoms of attention deficit.
ADHD and texting
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Mom's Cool with Staying Calm

I've finally learned to back away from overreaction when my daughter's ADHD sparks it...

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Joan Polka, PhD., beloved teacher, sitting at desk, adult ADD banner

This Teacher's All In for Our College-Aged Kids

When it comes to helping young adults adapt to life in college, this educator lays all her cards... Her students win big »

Use these tips to get organized with ADHD in high school.

Your High School Get-It-Together Guide

This is your time to shine — so polish up your organizational skills. Try these tips for keeping... Squared away for school »

Father and Son

Win Over Your Defiant Teen!

Looking for compliance from your ADHD teen? First look for the positive — and show her you appreciate... Expect the best »

School and discipline advice for parents and teachers of adolescent teenage boys with ADHD.

Inside the Mind of the Teenage Boy with ADHD

Four ways parents can keep their attention deficit sons on track in high school -- and ready for... more »

Best practices for coexisting with your ADHD teen.

A Parent’s Guide to Getting Along With Your ADHD Teen

Readers share their best parenting strategies for keeping the peace (and maintaining your sanity) while raising ADHD teens... ADD teenagers»

AD/HD cannot be "cured" because there is nothing to cure; it's not an illness or a disease.

ADHD Teens and Puberty

What parents of ADHD boys should watch for as their sons pass through adolescence... more »

Discipline strategies that will leave parents and ADHD teenagers on talking terms.

Discipline Your Teens Can Live With

Discipline strategies that will leave parents and ADHD teenagers on talking terms... more »

ADHD expert Sandy Maynard helps your ADHD child learn basic skills Ask The Expert Sandy Maynard

Today's Question :

"I will have my 11-year-old grandson with me for the summer. Is there a special project we can...

If I could have one wish, it would be that students learn to be strong, knowledgeable self-advocates.

Joan Polka, Ph.D., educator and psychologist

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