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Many ADHD children -- and their parents -- struggle with ADD/ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity, behavior issues, disorganization, anger, and poor social skills. These will help your family regain control over these and other symptoms of attention deficit.
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AAP: More Screen Time for Kids Is OK, Mostly

How much TV or video-game play is OK? The rules of thumb are changing, right alongside the technology...

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ADHD child mowing lawn

Help for Messy Children with ADHD: End the Chore Wars

Real parents of children with ADHD offer their best strategies for getting even the most messy and disorganized... Messy ADHD children»

Friendship 101: Helping Children with ADHD Make Friends

Help Your Child with ADHD Make Friends

Children with ADHD sometimes struggle with social skills, and making friends can be tough. But parents can help... more »

How parents can stop ADHD children from lying, fibbing or telling lies and fibs.

The Truth About Your Child's Lying

Children with attention deficit may tell lies as a result of their ADHD symptoms rather than being dishonest... more »

angry face of ADHD boy, against backdrop of a storm

"My Son Can't Help It — So I Don't Punish Him"

He shouts, he swears, he calls me names — but it's his attention deficit talking. My child can't... Why I refuse to react »

Parachutes for parents

Nine Nurturing Tips for Parenting Kids with ADHD

Nine ways parents can create an encouraging environment to help their children with ADHD grow into well-adjusted adults... Nurture Your ADHD Child»

Expert advice for avoiding burnout as the parent of an ADHD child.

"I Could Use a Vacation from the Kids"

Parents get mixed reactions when a child is diagnosed with ADHD. How do moms and dads work through... more »

A mother and daughter practicing ADHD parenting strategies

12 Parenting Strategies That Work for ADHD Kids

Raising a child who has ADHD isn't easy. Use these parenting strategies to smooth out the rough spots... more »

ADHD expert Sandy Maynard helps your ADHD child learn basic skills Ask The Expert Sandy Maynard

Today's Question :

"I will have my 11-year-old grandson with me for the summer. Is there a special project we can...

Punishing my son's behaviors is like punishing a blind person for not being able to see.

— Adrienne Ehlert Bashista

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