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Many ADHD children -- and their parents -- struggle with ADD/ADHD symptoms such as hyperactivity, behavior issues, disorganization, anger, and poor social skills. These will help your family regain control over these and other symptoms of attention deficit.
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The World Says Sit Still—My Son Says Why Would I Do That

As parents, we’ll always be like a teacher crouching in the wings, but instead of pulling him off...

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Today in Parenting ADHD Children
Self-calming strategies for children with ADHD who get easily upset to help them get along with others and build social skills.

How Parents Can Help ADHD Children Make Friends

Learn how to guide your child through sticky social situations and make lasting friendships... more »

Routines like reading a book before bed help ADHD children.

Top 10 Routine Builders: Organization Help for Children with ADHD

Create better structure with our organization help for children with ADHD... more »

Set routines to help your ADHD children or spouce get out of the door in the morning & prevent being late.

Happier Mornings for ADHD Households

Make-over your morning! Our expert tips can help children with ADHD, and even their parents, get up and... more »

A diagram explaining the benefits of mindfulness on ADHD parents and children's attention

Your Child's Brain on Meditation

How parents can use mindfulness to strengthen their child's attention and help manage symptoms of ADHD... more »

Science experiment, lab, school

Middle School Worries, Mastered

For adolescents with ADHD, the transition to middle school can mean a whole new world of anxiety. These... Soothe your child's misgivings »

Mom holding an apologetic-looking ADHD preteen girl

To Tell the Truth

Some kids with ADHD lie. Understand why they do it — and why you help them more by... Very truly yours »

A child with ADHD who suffers from picky eating, feeding broccoli to the dog

The Picky Eater Survival Manual

Is your child's picky eating driving you up a wall? It may be related to his ADHD. Read... more »

ADHD expert Sandy Maynard helps your ADHD child learn basic skills Ask The Expert Sandy Maynard

Today's Question :

"I will have my 11-year-old grandson with me for the summer. Is there a special project we can...

Your child thinks, 'Now I feel exposed, and my parents think I'm a bad kid.'

— Kirk Martin, behavioral therapist

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