Living with Adult ADHD

Organization, relationship, career & treatment help for ADD adults

Do you struggle with ADD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, poor time management, career hurdles, or relationship problems? You're not alone.
Clutter Cures for ADHD Adults
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Exploding Eggs: What Can Happen When You Fall Out of Your Routine

When life throws distractions at me, I drop the ball in a big way. Do you?...

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End Impulsive Overeating, Lose Weight, and Avoid Obesity

A weight-loss guide to help adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) quit impulsive and compulsive overeating. To... more »

Could you be hypersensitive? If you keep hearing, “You’re so sensitive!” from family and friends, perhaps you are an HSP.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? The Facts About Hypersensitivity

"Toughen up!" "Don't be so sensitive." "I can't believe that bothers you!" If you've heard this all your... Hypersensitivity, or highly sensitive person (HSP)»

ADD/ADHD Time Management

Is it ADHD? Checklist of 18 Symptoms

Do you have ADHD? Use this checklist to understand common symptoms and test your own behavior before seeking... more »

Roxy Olin, one of many famous people and women with ADHD, talks about her symptoms.

Famous People With ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Let this list of celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and other famous people diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities–and their... Celebrities with ADHD and LD»

Learn the secrets of the ADHD brain

Secrets of the ADHD Brain

Most people are neurologically equipped to determine what's important and get motivated to do it, even when it... We're bright but inconsistent »

Many Adults with ADHD Struggle to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep at Night.

ADHD Sleep Problems: How to Rest Better Tonight!

Expert advice for fixing ADHD-induced sleep disorders to catch zzz's quicker, stay asleep better, and wake up healthier... Sleep better

Hypersensitivity, depression and adult ADD/ADHD

Is It Depression or ADHD?

Depression, like hypersensitivity, is surprisingly common among ADD adults. Fortunately, there’s no need to suffer in silence... Depression...or ADHD?

Ask The Expert Robert Tudisco

Today's Question :

"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

Without risking failure, we will never achieve anything that is truly ours.

Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

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