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I Do...Have Wedding Jitters

As the big day approaches, my fiancé and I are squabbling about little wedding details and big life...

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Shawn Ladd

Win with ADHD: Shawn Ladd

A late-in-life diagnosis and freed this economist from distraction and restlessness on the job... "I was very bored and frustrated." »

Mark Aro

Win with ADHD: Mark Aro

Mark Aro, artist, animator, and director, credits his ADHD with his vast imagination — and he wouldn't change... Imagine it, live it »

Donna Beckmann

Win with ADHD: Donna Beckmann

Attention deficit sent Donna Beckmann on the adventure of a lifetime: taking on Africa's highest mountain and living... An all-time high »

Andrea Bilbow

Win with ADHD: Andrea Bilbow

A nod from the Queen for her advocacy work is a crowning achievement for Andrea Bilbow, founder of... Known by the throne »

Joanne Griffin

Win with ADHD: Joanne Griffin

Years of ADHD setbacks didn't stop this determined animal lover from pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian... "I've always been stubborn." »

David Moss-Cornett

Win with ADHD: David Moss-Cornett

The key to this ADHDer's success is to constantly keep busy with multiple projects and careers... Never a dull moment »

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Win with ADHD: Bex Taylor-Klaus

Actress Bex Taylor-Klaus didn't let attention deficit get in the way of her dream: a career in show... ADHD helps her get into character »

Ask The Expert Robert Tudisco

Today's Question :

"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

There's no reason ADHD should prevent you from doing anything. You may stumble, you may have difficulties before you're diagnosed, but, you know what? They're not insurmountable.

Denise R. Greenwood, surgeon

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