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Why ADHDers Are So Sensitive and How to Handle Extreme Emotions

Join us for the expert webinar hosted by Zoë Kessler on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 1 PM...

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Managing Up with ADHD

Is ADHD at work wrecking your productivity? Maybe what you need is a boost from your boss —... Make your workplace work for you »

Many Adults with ADHD Struggle to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep at Night.

ADHD Sleep Problems: How to Rest Better Tonight!

Expert advice for fixing ADHD-induced sleep disorders to catch zzz's quicker, stay asleep better, and wake up healthier... Sleep better

Illustration of an ADHD person setting a clock

Always Late?! ADHD-Tested Strategies to Improve Your Sense of Time

People with attention deficit experience time differently — and lose track of it easily. Structure and strategies can... Time management »

Erase Impossible

Think Yourself Happy

Challenge your negative thoughts whenever they come calling... Think positive »

Standing at a crossroads

You Can Be the Decider

Overwhelmed by choices? Paralyzed by possibilities? You need this guide to thinking clearly and choosing wisely with attention... Decisions, decisions… »

Gavin Newsom Headshot

Gavin Newsom: Electing to Make the Most of Dyslexia

The lieutenant governor of California and former mayor of San Francisco struggled with dyslexia, but hard work and... Of politics and possibility »

Old Way, New Way

End the Excuses — Stop Calling Yourself Out

Forgetful? Missed a deadline? Instead of making excuses or taking blame, try this plan to feel good about... Drop the defensiveness »

Ask The Expert Robert Tudisco

Today's Question :

"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

Teaching people with ADHD to control and direct their thoughts in a positive way helps them in all areas of their lives.

— Dr. Daniel Amen

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