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Organization, relationship, career & treatment help for ADD adults

Do you struggle with ADD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, poor time management, career hurdles, or relationship problems? You're not alone.
Clutter Cures for ADHD Adults
ADHD Blogs Executive Dysfunction

I Had a Big Fat Meltdown the Other Night

The downside of ADHD meds is that they wear off. That’s when the drama begins...

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Today in Living with Adult ADHD
A cartoon man NOT beating boredom with ADHD

Stay Motivated! Boredom-Busting Tips for ADHD Adults

These tools juice up boring tasks — at home or at work — turning them into stimulating... more »

Fighting ADHD Couple, ADHD Relationships

11 Rules for Fighting Right and Forgiving Faster

What's the secret to a healthy ADHD marriage? It may be in the way couples communicate when they... Rules of engagement »

Let ADHD-friendly apps make short work of your to-do list.

To-Do List Apps for ADHD Kids and Adults

Let these apps, available for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad, make short work of your,... Apps for to-do lists and organization»

girl looking at computer screen

ADHD Games to Improve Memory, Focus, and Attention

These games help adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) improve focus, attention, and concentration... more »

Reduce Stress in ADHD Adults:  Expert Relaxation Tips

7 Ways to Reduce Stress: Calming Techniques for ADHD Adults

Seven strategies for calming yourself when adult ADHD triggers stress at work or at home. ... more »

Hypersensitivity, depression and adult ADD/ADHD

Is It Depression or ADHD?

Depression, like hypersensitivity, is surprisingly common among ADD adults. Fortunately, there’s no need to suffer in silence... Depression...or ADHD?

healthy salad

End Impulsive Overeating, Lose Weight, and Avoid Obesity

A weight-loss guide to help adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) quit impulsive and compulsive overeating. To... more »

Ask The Expert Robert Tudisco

Today's Question :

"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

Without risking failure, we will never achieve anything that is truly ours.

Jonathan Mooney and David Cole

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