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Organization, relationship, career & treatment help for ADD adults

Do you struggle with ADD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, poor time management, career hurdles, or relationship problems? You're not alone.
Clutter Busting Tips for Adults with Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD)
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Old Spice Meets ADHD

"Does your man have ADHD?" If he does, here's a little peek into what it's like inside his...

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Alcohol and ADHD Medication: What Is Safe?

Alcohol and ADD Medication: What Is Safe?

How will alcohol interact with your ADD medication? Read this expert advice before consuming alcoholic beverages... more »

David Neelman, one of many famous people and entrepreneurs with ADHD, talks about his symptoms.

Career Advice from the Corner Office: Famous People with ADHD

Five top executives share tips on how they transformed their learning disability into an asset in the workplace... more »

Exercise: An ADHD Medication Without Side Effects

Exercise: An Alternative ADHD Treatment Without Side Effects

Physical activity may be good for focus. Plus, it’s an inexpensive, self-prescribed, and accessible alternative ADHD treatment for... more »

Taken an ADHD test? Now it's time to find a doctor and get a diagnosis!

Running Late? Adult ADD Time Management Tips

Why ADD adults are usually late... and how to improve your time-management skills so you'll be on time,... more »

Understanding Hyperfocus

Hyperfocus: How to Control and Harness Your ADHD

Hyperfocus is a common but misunderstood symptom of attention deficit in children and adults who concentrate intently on... more »

ADD symptoms in women look different than they do in men

Self Test for Women: Do I Have ADD?

A handy checklist of common ADD symptoms in women - consult this list before seeking an ADHD diagnosis... more »

Howie Mandel talks about his OCD

Howie Mandel Speaks Out About His ADD/ADHD

Howie Mandel — comedian, actor, game-show host — talks about his experience with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)... more »

Ask The Expert Robert Tudisco

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"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

Look at the positives of having ADD and don't get discouraged. Don't ever give up.

David Neeleman, founder of Jet Blue Airways

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