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Organization, relationship, career & treatment help for ADD adults

Do you struggle with ADD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, poor time management, career hurdles, or relationship problems? You're not alone.
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Cleaning Up as an ADHD Couple

My wife and I both have ADHD, and we find it incredibly tough to keep our house neat...

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Understanding Hyperfocus

Hyperfocus: How to Control and Harness Your ADHD

Hyperfocus is a common but misunderstood symptom of attention deficit in children and adults who concentrate intently on... more »

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Daydream Believer

For people with inattentive ADHD, succeeding in a world of noise and distraction can seem like an impossible... Notes from La La Land »

ADHD career success from understainding needs like flex time and securing accomodations.

Memo to ADHDers: Fix Your Workplace, Revive Your Career

How to get organized at work, focus on the job, and maximize your effectiveness with adult ADHD... more »

Linda Roggli Personal Essay

Recharge Your Drained ADHD Brain

Experiencing symptoms of fatigue, low energy levels, and brain drain? You can recharge your tired attention deficit hyperactivity... more »

Let ADHD-friendly apps make short work of your to-do list.

To-Do List Apps for Kids and Adults with ADHD

Let these apps, available for the iPod Touch, the iPhone, and the iPad, make short work of your,... Apps for to-do lists and organization»

A woman building new habits with ADHD

How to Build Better Habits: 6 Tricks for Adults with ADHD

Struggles with focus, motivation, and memory make building new habits tough for adults with ADHD. Try these 6... more »

Slow down and still get everything down.

Never Run Late Again!

Time-management strategies to help adults with ADHD be on time and organized... more »

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"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

If I don't get regular exercise and drink my coffee, my address book may end up in the freezer.

Tess Messer, emergency medicine physician's assistant

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