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I Do...Have Wedding Jitters

As the big day approaches, my fiancé and I are squabbling about little wedding details and big life...

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When It's All Too Much, Pause and Refresh

Stress builds on itself when we're overwhelmed with all we have to do. Stop and regroup with this... Taking time to sort it out »

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Moving on After Mistakes

The key is to try again without feeling bad about yourself. ADDitude readers tell how they get back... "Mistakes were made." »


Games ADD People Play

The ADHD brain craves stimulation — and it might chase drama to get it. Steer clear of these... Let's have a problem! »


Sanity-Saving Strategies for the ADHD Executive

You manage people, projects, and processes, and you're great at what you do — but are you managing... Success with less stress »


10 Time-Management Tips for Overbooked, Rushed, Tired ADHD Adults

How to avoid the time-management traps of squeezing in one more thing, pleasing everyone but yourself, starting the... more »

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Managing Up with ADHD

Is ADHD at work wrecking your productivity? Maybe what you need is a boost from your boss —... Make your workplace work for you »

So This Is What 'Normal' Feels Like!

So This is What 'Normal' Feels Like

After half a lifetime of struggling at home and at work and dreading each new day, I feel... more »

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Today's Question :

"The College Board denied my daughter’s request for accommodations on the SAT, even though she has a 504...

Things don't have to be black or white any more. I've learned to see and live with gray.

Donna Surgenor Reames, mother with ADD

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