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Study Confirms Atomoxetine As an Effective Alternative to Stimulants

Doctors shouldn’t hesitate to prescribe atomoxetine for the treatment of ADHD, says a new study that found it...

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An empty plate to represent ADHD diet and nutrition

The ADHD Food Fix: Fighting Symptoms with Diet and Nutrition

Studies show that a high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet combined with supplements like fish oil and zinc can help... ADHD-friendly foods and supplements

Zachary now does his homework without banking on the walls.

"How Ritalin Saved My Child"

"I thought my son was fine just the way he was. But if he was going to make... more »

Help Explaining an ADD/ADHD Diagnosis to Your Child

But What Are the Side Effects of NOT Trying Medication?

"I know that ADHD drugs are safe and effective, but I worried that perhaps, for some unknown reason,... more »

Ritalin is a medication for ADHD

Are Stimulant Medications Safe for Treating Kids' ADHD Symptoms?

The short answer is "Yes" — if you and your child's doctor follow these five rules for safely... more »

An ADHD diet can help manage symptoms

Why Sugar Is ADHD Kryptonite

Following an ADHD diet rich in protein and vitamins can help control symptoms of attention deficit. But only... more »

A parent struggles to control her children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

A Pragmatic Parent's Guide to Behavior Therapy

ADHD experts agree that the most effective pediatric treatment plan includes medication paired with behavior therapy. But what,... more »

A child engaging in play therapy to treat ADHD, trauma, or autism

Toy Stories: How Play Therapy Healed My Relationship with My Daughter

Play therapy — used to treat ADHD, trauma, or other childhood difficulties — allows kids to express themselves... more »

Dr. Larry Silver M.D. is the author of two books about parenting ADHD/LD children. Ask The Expert Larry Silver, M.D.

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"My current dose of Adderall is less effective than it had been when I started. What's going on?"...

I thought my son was fine, just the way he was. But if he was going to make it through school, something needed to change.

Karen Shoemaker, mother of a child with ADHD

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