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“Having ADHD and Taking Medicine for It is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of”

Simone Biles, America’s sweetheart and recent winner of 5 Olympic medals in gymnastics, publicly addressed her ADHD this...

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Meds, Pregnancy, and Nursing: What Should You Do?

How Safe are ADHD Medications While Pregnant or Nursing?

Should you stop taking your ADHD medications during pregnancy? While nursing? Here, Larry Silver, M.D. answers new moms'... more »

Ritalin is a medication for ADHD

Ritalin: ADHD Medication Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

Ritalin (methylphenidate) is the most commonly prescribed medication used to treat ADHD. Learn how it controls symptoms and... more »

Diet changes for ADHD children can help control their symptoms, like for this happy girl here.

Change Your Diet, Find Your Focus

Studies show that protein promotes alertness in the brain. Carbohydrates do the opposite. And artificial colors and flavors... more »

ADHD parent practicing play therapy

How to Practice ADHD Play Therapy at Home

Many child psychiatrists and psychologists believe that play therapy is an integral way to teach social skills, calm... Play therapy»

Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Stop Negativity

How to Unload the Burden of ADHD Negativity

After a lifetime of mistakes, mishaps, and missed deadlines, it is any wonder that adults with ADHD suffer... more »

Girl enjoying food

How Nutrition Harmonizes the ADHD Brain

Complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, lean protein, and certain vitamins all help our brain cells carry out their... Foods for ADHD»

Fine-Tune ADHD Medication

ADHD Medications Rarely Work Perfectly On the First Try

Finding the most effective ADHD medication for your particular brain chemistry is — unfortunately — still a process... more »

Dr. Larry Silver M.D. is the author of two books about parenting ADHD/LD children. Ask The Expert Larry Silver, M.D.

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I've been hearing about a new nonstimulant medication called Intuniv. Could it be a good option for my...

If you have spent a lifetime with a pinball machine in your brain, it is hard to imagine yourself peacefully sitting in the lotus position.

— Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo, ADHD coaches

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