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Brain Scans May Predict Efficacy of Antidepressants

In a recent study, Stanford researchers used patients’ personal history and fMRI scans to predict with 80% accuracy...

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ADHD and Women

"That Explains Everything!" Discovering My ADHD in Adulthood

"Many women may cruise along until, as in my case, things start to fall apart. The unraveling often... more »

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My Child's Doctor Got It Wrong

I was sure my son had ADHD — until I found out, much later, that he didn't. Here's... It looked like ADHD, but… »


Use This Checklist to Assess ADHD Doctors and Clinicians

8 questions about ADHD to ask any prospective physician, psychologist, neurologist, or other clinician who might help your... more »

An ADHD test, the quotient system, can help you find out if you have the disorder.

Using the Quotient System to Test for ADHD Symptoms

The quotient system is an ADHD test that uses a series of computerized performance tasks and psychological questions... What is the quotient system?»

Learn how to balance a busy life with adult ADHD.

"If Only I'd Known This 20 Years Ago."

Regret and resentment are common among adults diagnosed with ADHD after a lifetime of learning challeges, self-esteem struggles,... more »

Reassembling a Life: Discovering and Diagnosing Adult ADHD

After the "Aha!" Moment: Your ADHD Diagnosis Guide for Children

The parents' step-by-step guide to pursuing an ADHD evaluation, choosing a clinician, navigating the diagnosis process, choosing a... more »

Dr. Daniel Amen

The Amen Approach to ADHD

Dr. Daniel Amen, author of "Healing ADD," talks about his methods for diagnosing ADHD, his controversial use of... Amen's novel approach »

Dr. Larry Silver M.D. is the author of two books about parenting ADHD/LD children. Ask The Expert Larry Silver, M.D.

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"I was just diagnosed with ADHD, and I'm interested in learning more about it. Is the disorder caused...

My son couldn't yet speak many words, but he was telling me plenty with his behavior. Who wants to sit in a circle and watch other kids sing songs when there's running to be done? And who wants to force a kid to sit in a circle?

Liz Fuller, a mother with ADHD

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