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New Study: Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

New research finds that the MMR vaccine does not increase the likelihood of developing autism – even for...

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An ADHD child employing sensory strategies after school

Give Your ADHD Child a Sensory Break Today

ADHD children often struggle with sensory processing disorder or hypersensitivity, making school stressful. Make their after-school time calmer... more »

A group of people holding question mark signs in front of their faces. These ADHD people want to know why they do what they do.

ADHD: Why We Do What We Do

Those of us with attention deficit have always known we're different — now here's an explanation, finally, of... ADHDers...demystified! »

Diagnosis for ADD women is different than ADD men

ADHD in Women and Girls: The Importance of Early ADHD Diagnosis

Women and girls with ADD are not only less frequently diagnosed than their male counterparts. ADHD girls and... ADD/ADHD in women and girls»

Ned Hallowell is a bestselling author of books about adult ADHD and how proper diagnosis and treatment can change your ADHD life for the better.

My Wonderful ADHD ‘Turbo’ Brain

Your ADHD brain is like a turbo-charged car: fast, fun, and unpredictable. The challenge is learning to drive... more »

Overcoming the ADD/ADHD Stigma

Overcoming the ADHD Stigma

An expert psychologist shares his secrets for fighting ADD ADHD stereotyping in children and adults... more »

Smiling woman, with inflated head, feet, and hands, extends her arms out.

Late Bloomer

Before my late diagnosis, attention deficit left me feeling insecure and inept. But I'm finally coming into my... These big-girl pants are so flattering! »

Our challenge is to dispel the myths surrounding attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and its treatments by sharing our stories with others.

Spread The Truth About ADHD

3 ways to help friends and family understand that ADHD is a real disorder with real symptoms and... more »

Ask The Expert ADDitude's Education Expert

Today's Question :

"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...

The people who put deficit and disorder into ADHD clearly think that labeling people by their weaknesses rather than their strengths is helpful.

— Alison Larkin

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