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Unhealthy Prenatal Diet Linked to Increased Risk of ADHD

More than 40 percent of children with conduct disorder also have ADHD. New research suggests that a mother’s...

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3 Truly Terrible (and Common) Ways to Diagnose ADHD

Too often, doctors diagnose ADHD without considering all of the symptoms and other conditions that may cause them... more »

Does your child have ADHD or autism?

Is It ADHD or Autism? Or Both?

Could your child with ADHD also have an autism spectrum disorder — or was the original diagnosis incorrect?... Coexisting autism and adhd »

Understanding Hyperfocus

What Is ADHD Hyperfocus?

A common—but confusing—symptom of ADHD is called "hyperfocus," or the ability to zero in intensely on an interesting... more »

Too Tired To Pay Attention

ADHD and Hormones: Symptoms in Teen Girls, Women

ADHD symptoms change during the course of a woman’s life. Here, we outline four stages — from puberty... more »

Primary school boy with ADHD looks away sadly as classmates stare at him.

ADHD Treated, Tics Tamed

"We traded in one problem for another!" You've finally found a medication that manages your child's ADHD symptoms..... Controlling your child's tics »

Is it possible to diagnose preschool-age children with ADHD?

Is Preschool Too Early to Diagnose ADHD?

ADHD is traditionally diagnosed after age 6. But if your preschool student is abnormally hyperactive or impulsive, new... more »

Hypersensitivity to sound could be a sign of auditory processing disorder.

Could Your Child Have Auditory Processing Disorder?

Does your child struggle to block out background noise, follow conversations or pronounce words correctly? Is she hypersensitive... more »

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"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...

I was the only fourth-grade mom with tears streaming down her cheeks.

The mother of Christina, an 11-year-old with APD

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