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Diagnosing attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) in children and adults

Alternative ADHD treatment for kids: green time
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High-Altitude Living Linked to Lower ADHD Rates

Fresh mountain air may have health benefits after all when it comes to attention deficit...

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Help your ADHD child make lasting friendships and social relationships.

Is It Asperger's Syndrome or ADHD?

Are your child's symptoms related to ADHD or Asperger's syndrome? Learn more about the differences between warning signs,... ADHD symptoms vs. Asperger's symptoms»

Cute ADHD boy in three poses: hands to his ears, hands over eyes, hands wrapped around himself

Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Sticky!

Melting down from overload or scrambling for stimulation: many kids with ADHD also suffer from sensory processing disorder... Making sense of the senses »

ADHD and Autism in the Classroom

Is It Autism or ADHD?

Suspect that your attention deficit child may also be autistic? Here's what you need to know about diagnosing... more »

Take the ADHD test to find out if you're a girl with ADHD.

The ADHD Test for Teenage Girls

Think your daughter might have ADHD? Take this test to understand the symptoms of attention deficit... more »

ADD symptoms in women look different than they do in men

Self Test for Women: Do I Have ADHD?

A handy checklist of common ADHD symptoms in women - consult this list before seeking an ADHD diagnosis... more »

A picture of a girl with sensory processing disorder, on playground equipment.

Is It Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or ADD/ADHD?

Understand the difference between sensory processing problems and attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) in children... SPD or ADHD?»

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The Right Way to Get the Right Diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis is essential to managing attention deficit — but it may not be easy to get... Experts and expectations »

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"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...

The world might benefit from more souls with ADD imaginations. Our family has.

Marybeth Lambe, M.D.

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