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Join the ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day to promote awareness and advocacy...

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Today in Attention Deficit
Dr. Daniel Amen

The Amen Approach to ADD

Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Healing ADD, sits down with ADDitude to talk about diagnosing ADHD, his controversial... Amen's novel approach »

Accurate Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD

An Accurate ADHD Diagnosis for Children

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for children with ADHD, learning disabilities or behavior problems is rarely straightforward... more »


Finding Joy After a Child's ADHD Diagnosis

One parent's story of learning to embrace her kids' ADHD diagnosis and symptoms... Learning to love my ADHD child's diagnosis»

Do You Speak ADD?

ADD/ADHD Definitions, Served With a Side of Humor

Do you speak ADD/ADHD? If not, learn these humorous definitions. After reading through our glossary, ADD/ADHD will take... ADD/ADHD definitions»

Ask The Expert ADDitude's Education Expert

Today's Question :

"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...


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I am not in the business of treating disabilities. I am in the business of unwrapping gifts.

Dr. Ned Hallowell, M.D.

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