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Nearly 1 in 12 Americans Suffers From Depression — But Very Few Seek Treatment

A new report released by the CDC finds that nearly 8 percent of Americans suffer from depression, but...

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Twice the Challenge: AD/HD and LD

"Perhaps ADHD Wasn't the Only Problem."

The signs and symptoms of learning disabilities are too often mistaken for ADHD in children who struggle to... more »

Accurate Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD

Is it ADHD or Bipolar Disorder?

ADHD and bipolar disorder often look alike at first. Know what symptoms and behaviors to look for... more »


Are Learning Disabilities Holding You Back?

It may not be ADHD that causes your struggle with reading, writing, or math. Learning disabilities aren't just... Lost opportunities, low self-esteem »

Is dysgraphia or writer's block keeping your ADHD child from learning?

Learning Disabilities: Recognizing Dysgraphia in Children with ADHD

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that sometimes accompanies ADHD and affects writing skills, handwriting and spelling. How to... more »

Child Counting

When Things Don't Add Up: Dyscalculia

If math is a nightmare for your child, he may have a learning disability. Learn the signs of... Blank stares and random guesses »

Organization problems in ADHD adults could point to more than attention deficit disorder.

Is It a Learning Disability or Inattentive ADD/ADHD?

Problems with organization, focus, and time management often point to Inattentive Type ADHD. But sometimes Learning Disabilities are... more »

Dr. Larry Silver explains the warning signs that your child might have a learning disability such as dyslexia.

ADHD or Learning Disabilities (LD)?

Your child was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, and is taking ADHD medication, but he's still struggling at... ADHD or LD? »

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"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...

I was the only fourth-grade mom with tears streaming down her cheeks.

The mother of Christina, an 11-year-old with APD

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