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Alternative ADHD treatment for kids: green time
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Stanford Researchers Mapping the Genetic Markers of Autism and Related Conditions

In an effort to improve the diagnostic process for autism and other developmental delays, the Wall Lab at...

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Expert Tips on Diagnosing and Treating ADD/ADHD in Children

What Is ADHD? Attention Deficit Diagnosis and Treatment Information

An expert on attention deficit and learning disabilities talks about the biology behind ADHD and why it's sometimes... more »

A brain improving its ADHD IQ by learning about the latest diagnosis and treatment guidelines

Boost Your ADHD IQ: Latest Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines

Impress your friends and family with your high "ADHD IQ," by reading up on the most current diagnosis... more »

A cartoon representation of a brain with Asperger Syndrome, a now-outdated label for ASD

Moving Past the "Asperger Syndrome" Label

The medical community is no longer using the label "Asperger Syndrome" to describe those on the autism spectrum... more »

Hypersensitivity, depression and adult ADD/ADHD

Is It Depression or ADHD?

Depression, like hypersensitivity, is surprisingly common among adults with ADHD. Fortunately, there’s no need to suffer in silence... Depression...or ADHD?

Are you a mom with ADHD? Expert tips for organization, focus, and cleaning.

13 Survival Strategies for Moms with ADHD

Tools for managing your child with ADHD — and your own symptoms of adult ADD. ... more »

A boy with glasses using medication to treat his autism

Call in the Meds? Using Medication to Treat Autism

Non-medical interventions are the best choice for treating autism. But sometimes, medication can be used to help stray... more »

Nonverbal learning disorders frequently go unrecognized - or are mistakenly diagnosed as ADD.

Is It ADHD or Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Parents and doctors frequently confuse ADHD and nonverbal learning disorder. Here’s a guide to figuring out if your... more »

Ask The Expert ADDitude's Education Expert

Today's Question :

"Our son is bright, but an educational assessment found that he has a 'slow processing speed.' What does...

ADD/ADHD professionals need to remember that moms, dads, and all sorts of regular folks with ADD/ADHD often need a lot of the information about ADD/ADHD and related conditions translated into user-friendly terms.

Ben Glenn, The Simple ADHD Expert

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