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ADHD and Gifted? Help Your Child Reach His Full Potential at School

Why it's critical that your child's teacher understands and addresses the nature of both a learning diability and...

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Today in ADHD and Learning Disabilities
ADHD children can lose focus and become distracted at school, medication can help.

Focus the Attention of Distracted ADHD Children

Creative ways to keep distracted children with ADHD and learning disabilities focused and engaged in the classroom and... more »

An ADD / ADHD child with an auditory processing disorder struggles to block out background noise, pronouce words and following conversations.

Not Paying Attention? Improve Listening Skills in ADHD Children at Home and School

ADHD students can easily daydream, lose focus, and drift off during school. Find out how to help children... more »

adhd in the classroom, music, adhd and listening

Stop, Listen, Understand!

Supercharge students' listening skills with these ideas to boost learning and retention... "I heard you!" »

ADHD kids who have recess display an improved ability to stay on task.

How Recess Promotes Focus for ADHD Children

For children with ADHD, the endangered school recess is an essential activity that improves focus and behavior back... Healthy Play

How teachers and parents can accommodate and encourage each ADHD child's unique learning style.

ADHD at School: Helping Children Follow Directions

Strategies to help children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) focus and sustain attention in the classroom... more »

Help Your ADHD Child Improve His Memory: Tips from Experts

Don't Forget: Memory Tips for ADHD Students

15 expert tips for boosting memory in students with ADHD or learning disabilities and improving academic performance... more »

A teacher helps a student with ADD / ADHD to build his reading, writing and speaking skills.

Better Language Skills for Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Expert advice for bolstering language skills – reading, writing, and speaking – in children with ADHD and learning... more »

Sandra Rief Headshot 120px Ask The Expert Sandra Rief, M.A.

Today's Question :

"My ADHD child’s third-grade teacher makes him sit alone during lunch, at a desk about 15 feet away...

I'd rather have a kind, cooperative kid than a smart aleck who gets straight As without trying.

- Dee Boling, mother of Dylan

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