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School help & accommodations for children with ADHD, dyslexia & more

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What I Wish My Son’s Teachers Knew About Him and ADHD

A mom pours out her heart about seeing school through the eyes of her son with ADHD...

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Fidget objects that will boost focus at school

Fidgets in the Classroom for ADHD Kids

Fidgets that could help your attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) child improve her focus in the classroom... Classroom fidgets help focus»

Treating ADHD in Children with the Daytrana Patch: a New Medication can help with attention and focus in school

20+ Classroom Accommodations for ADHD Children

ADHD students can benefit greatly from the right school accommodations. Here, learn about some specific academic accommodations and... Classroom accommodations for ADHD children»

Helping ADHD children learn through exploration and experience.

ADHD Classroom Accommodations: Guide to Getting Special Services

Eight steps for meeting your child's educational needs with ADHD accommodations at school... more »

Young students run through a school hallway at a learning institution for children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

ADHD Accommodations: 6 Modifications Teachers Can Use in the Classroom With ADD Children...Today!

ADDitude experts recommend six proven classroom accommodations for ADHD students and students with learning disabilities like dyslexia... ADHD accommodations»

Boy does well on test, exam

Is Your Child's IEP Up to the Test?

She's bright and she works hard, but your child may still find it tough to show what she... From failing grades to honor roll »

Smiling ADHD boy, sitting at his class desk

Parents Speak: Accommodations That Worked for Us

You advocate and work with school to get services for your child — but are you choosing the... Real kids, effective fixes »

big giant pencil writing on paper on table

Sample Letter to Request Accommodations for ADHD Students

Use this letter to get school accommodations for ADHD students or children with learning disabilities like dyslexia... Letter to the special education services department»

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Today's Question :

My nine-year-old attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) daughter has a 504 Plan at school, but her teachers don’t always...

Because I am no longer so overwhelmed with school, thanks to my coach, I'm making more friends.

Ali, diagnosed with ADHD at age 5

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