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It’s Time for New Rules for College Entrance Exams

The Department of Justice just made it easier for students with accommodations to take standardized tests. ...

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Today in ADHD and Learning Disabilities
ADHD children can lose focus and become distracted at school, medication can help.

Focus the Attention of Distracted Children

Creative ways to keep distracted children with ADHD and learning disabilities focused and engaged in the classroom and... more »

A child with a dunce cap, suffering from school stress due to her ADHD or LD

Why Stress at School is Toxic to Kids with ADHD or LD

Chronic stress at school can make our kids dread going — and change their brains for the worse... more »

4 Tips for Productive Teacher/Parent Meetings with Your Child Has ADHD

The Academic Check-Up for Students with ADHD: Better Teacher Meetings

Four tips for a more productive meeting with your child's teacher... more »

ADHD Special Education Programs and reading help.

Is Your Child's IEP Working? Checking Up on ADHD Accommodations

How to take stock of your child's special-ed plan and make changes to her ADHD accommodations that will... more »

Help Your ADHD Child Improve His Memory: Tips from Experts

Don't Forget: Memory Tips for Students with ADHD

15 expert tips for boosting memory in students with ADHD or learning disabilities and improving academic performance... more »

Young students run through a school hallway at a learning institution for children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

ADHD in School: Finding the Right Learning Environment for Your Child

Essential questions for parents who are seeking the best learning environment for a child with ADHD or learning... more »

Homeschooling ADHD Kids

When Traditional Schools Fail: Homeschooling May Be a Better Option

If your child struggles in school because of her attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), homeschooling can be a... more »

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Today's Question :

My nine-year-old attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) daughter has a 504 Plan at school, but her teachers don’t always...

I have learned that not only is it okay to be a strong advocate for your child, but it’s necessary.

— Amanda Driscoll, blogger

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