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Best of 2008: ADDitude's Most Popular Resources

Most-Read Articles of 2008...

ADHD Parenting Advice from Michael Phelps' Mom
Need some ADHD parenting advice? Learn how the mothers of three ADHD super-achievers — an Olympic record-breaker, a TV heavyweight, and a world-class adventurer — helped their kids beat the odds. More...

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Can Diet Ease Attention Deficit Symptoms?

How to ease symptoms with alternative ADHD treatments like protein, fish oil and other dietary strategies for attention deficit disorder. More...

Free Report: Alternative ADHD Treatment Report

33 Ways to Get Organized with Adult ADHD

Want a clean home? An efficient office? Get organized with adult ADHD thanks to organizing guru Judith Kolberg and her 33 top strategies for work and home. More...

ADHD Forums: Organization Advice

Alternative ADHD Treatment: Fish Oil

Research on alternative ADHD treatments suggests a daily fish oil capsule can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit without medication. More...

ADHD Forums: Alternative Treatments

ADHD and ODD: Parenting Your Defiant Child

ADHD behavior issues often partner with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) -- making discipline a challenge. Try these strategies for parents of ADD kids. More...

More About ADHD Behavior & Discipline

A Parent's Guide to ADHD Accommodations

Federal law requires public schools to provide educational accommodations for student with ADHD. Here’s what parents should do to establish and maintain and IEP or 504 Plan. More...

Free Printable: Best Accommodations

School Organization Tips for ADHD Students

Help your child with ADHD or learning disabilities develop school organization skills that will bring success - and end clutter. More...

Free Booklet: Success at School

Medication 101: ADHD Treatment Advice

Use your ADHD medication safely and effectively with these five rules for better attention deficit treatment. More...

ADHD Forums Treating ADD Children

Organization Help for ADHD Children

Learn to create reliable routines at home and at school — because good structure breeds great behavior in attention deficit kids. More...

Printable: Sample Routine for ADHD Kids

Parenting ADHD Children: Behavior Therapy Help

Seven ADHD behavior therapy strategies guaranteed to improve the attitude and self-control of your child with attention deficit. More...

Ask the Expert: ADHD Parenting Help

Top 3 ADHD Printables

9 Ways to Achieve Success at School
Organization, accommodation, and homework help for children with ADHD.

Alternative ADHD Treatment Report
Behavior therapy, neurofeedback, working-memory treatment, nutrition, and fish oil.

Time Assessment Chart
Organization and scheduling help for adults with ADD.

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Top 5 Blogs of 2008

Apologizing for ADHD Behaviors
"I want to do everything right, to be precise, to work as swiftly as the rest of the world—but I can't."
by Jane D.

The ADHD Drug-Free Side of Me
"I often wonder whether my ADHD medication is really helping. Recently, I suffered through an entire day without it before realizing they do help - a lot!"
by Bekah

Tales of ADHD Destruction
"What’s the most expensive item your ADHD child has destroyed within 24 hours?"
by Kay Marner

Will this Day Ever End?
"I start to get fidgety around 3 pm and the last few hours at work seem tortuously long."
by Bekah

When Will This Stop?
"I often fantasize of a workplace where ADD and creativity are rewarded. Then maybe the anxiety and depression wouldn't be a problem."
by Jane D.

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Top 5 Tools & Checklists

7 Common Flashpoints for Spouses of ADHD Adults
The most universal and pervasive complaints from spouses of ADDers — and how you can stop these problems in their tracks. More...

What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?
The nine symptoms that suggest inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. More...

2008 ADHD Camps & Schools Directory
Find the right camp or school for your ADHD or LD child... More...

FAQ About ADHD Medications
Everything you need to know about starting an ADHD medication — from dosage and possible risks to timing and drug holidays. More...

The Statistics of ADHD
ADD by the numbers - a summary of the research of Russell Barkley, Ph.D. More...

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Top 5 ADHD Discussion Forums of 2008

Differences in Concerta vs Vyvanese
"What are the similarities/differences in Concerta and Vyvanese?" - Vicky

Need Help Motivating My Teen
"I've taken away car keys, cell phone, computer...it just doesn't matter to her. Any suggestions?" - ADDWriter

Video Games and Children With ADHD
"Has anyone else noticed that when their child with ADHD/ODD plays video games for any length of time, their ODD gets worse?" - taurus32

Any Problems with Vyvanse?
"My son, who is 7 1/2 and diagnosed 2 years ago, seems to be struggling, and I think we may put him back on Concerta." - dawnburke

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