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Best of 2008: Top Adult ADHD Resources

Top Adult ADD Articles of 2008...

33 Ways to Get Organized with Adult ADHD
Want a clean home? An efficient office? Use these 33 strategies for getting organized at work and home. More...

ADHD Forums: Organization Advice

Married to ADHD

ADHD relationship advice, communication tips, and financial strategies to help your marriage to a spouse with ADD. More...

ADHD Q&A: Marriage Advice

Tackling To-Do Lists

Use this time-management system to turn your stagnant to-do list into a daily action plan. More...

Free Printable: Time-Assessment Chart.

Housekeeping Made Easy

Tips to help adults with ADD get organized and keep every room in the house clean and orderly. More...

ADHD Forums: Organization Help

ADHD Sleep Advice

Expert ADHD sleep advice for catching zzz's quicker, staying asleep better, and waking up healthier. More...

More ADHD Sleep Advice

Smart Gadgets: ADHD Tools for Work and Home

7 high-tech ADHD tools and gadgets to help you get organized at work and at home. More...

More ADHD Gadgets

10 Tips for Better Productivity

Are you juggling adult ADD and a challenging job? Use this career advice to get organized at work. More...

More ADHD Career Advice

Stop Procrastinating! ADHD Time Management Strategies

Simple ADHD time management tips and strategies to procrastinate less at home and on the job. More...

ADHD Book: CrazyBusy

You've Got Adult ADHD -- Help Is Here!

Just diagnosed with adult ADD? Here are the next steps for finding ADHD help and treatment. More...

Online Guide to Adult ADD

Planning Software for ADD Adults

The best ADHD organization tools and planning software for adults with attention deficit disorder. More...

More ADHD Tools

Top 3 Adult ADHD Printables

Alternative ADHD Treatment Report
Behavior therapy, neurofeedback, working-memory treatment, nutrition, and fish oil.

Time Assessment Chart
Organization and scheduling help for adults with ADD.

Symptoms of Adult ADD
An ADD questionnaire from the World Health Organization.

More Free ADHD Printables

Top 5 Adult ADHD Blogs of 2008

Apologizing for ADHD Behaviors
"I want to do everything right, to be precise, to work as swiftly as the rest of the world—but I can't."
by Jane D.

The ADHD Drug-Free Side of Me
"I often wonder whether my ADHD medication is really helping. Recently, I suffered through an entire day without it before realizing they do help - a lot!"
by Bekah

Will this Day Ever End?
"I start to get fidgety around 3 pm and the last few hours at work seem tortuously long."
by Bekah

When Will This Stop?
"I often fantasize of a workplace where ADD and creativity are rewarded. Then maybe the anxiety and depression wouldn't be a problem."
by Jane D.

Cabin Fever in the Cubicle
"I’ve become a bit panicky, like maybe I should job-jump again. The itch has been amplifying, so tempting to find something else."
by Jane D.

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Top 5 Tools & Checklists

7 Common Flashpoints for Spouses of ADHD Adults
The most universal and pervasive complaints from spouses of ADDers — and how you can stop these problems in their tracks. More...
What Are the Symptoms of ADHD?
The nine symptoms that suggest inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. More...

How to Wake Up Happier & Faster
Proven strategies for getting out of bed faster and happier... More...

A Word to the Wives
Survival techniques for the wives of ADHD men. More...

6 Ways to Improve Focus at Work
These six strategies will help you improve focus and concentration on the job. More...

More Tools & Checklists

Top 5 ADHD Discussion Forums of 2008

Some Organizing Things I Like
"I've misplaced my cell phone so many times, I have a spare one just for dialing my number and listening for the ring tone." - FlipFlop Kid

You Know You're ADD When...
"...You go to get something from the other room, but when you get there, you can't remember what you're there for." - Ralph Myers

My ADHD Story
"I don’t know where to begin and what to do next… your help/ comment would be appreciated." - Jacob

My Office Is So Messy
"I need tricks to keep my mind focus on cleaning my room, and getting it done" - ADD RN

ADD Couples
"I'd love to hear from other ADD couples about struggles you face and ways you overcome them." - farmgirl

More ADHD Discussion Forums