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Best of 2008: Top ADHD Treatment Resources

Top 10 ADHD Treatment Articles of 2008...

Can Diet Ease Attention Deficit Symptoms?
How to ease ADHD symptoms with protein, fish oil and other dietary strategies. More...

Free Report: Alternative ADHD Treatment Report

Alternative ADHD Treatment: Fish Oil

Research suggests a daily fish oil capsule can help curb the symptoms of attention deficit without medication. More...

ADHD Forums: Alternative Treatments

Medication 101: ADHD Treatment Advice

Use your ADHD medication safely and effectively with these five rules for better attention deficit treatment. More...

ADHD Forums Treating ADD Children

ADHD Medication: Say No to Side Effects

Find the right ADHD medication -- without side effects like sleeplessness, tics, or lack of appetite. More...

More About Medication Side Effects

Balanced Meals, Better Behavior

Changing your child's diet can be an effective alternative ADHD treatment -- choosing the right foods can improve symptoms. More...

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Nutrition, Diet, and Non-Drug ADHD Treatments

A top ADHD expert explains the impact of nutrition, diet, vitamins, and other non-drug ADHD treatments. More...

Archives: Meal-Planning Made Easy

Preschool-Age ADHD Children: Too Young for a Diagnosis?

Is a diagnosis or treatment possible for ADHD children under 5? A new study sheds light on attention deficit in preschoolers. More...

Expert Q&A Too Young for Treatment?

Preschool-Age ADHD Children: Too Young for a Diagnosis?

Is a diagnosis or treatment possible for ADHD children under 5? A new study sheds light on attention deficit in preschoolers. More...

Expert Q&A Too Young for Treatment?

Diagnosing & Treating Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder are often confused—and often coexist in the same person. More...

More About Bipolar Disorder

Top 10 Questions about Medications for ADHD Children...Answered!

Wondering about medications for ADHD children? Expert answers to common questions about drugs and treatment. More...

ADHD Forums: Treating Children

Top 3 ADHD Treatment Printables

Alternative ADHD Treatment Report
Behavior therapy, neurofeedback, nutrition, fish oil...

Fish Oil 101
Can a daily supplement of omega-3 fatty acids improve ADHD symptoms?

Who Can Treat ADHD?
Here is a short list of who does what.

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Top 5 ADHD Treatment Blogs

The ADHD All-Star Lineup
"This core comprises, inter alia, Newton, Michelangelo, Churchill, Hemingway, Einstein, Axl Rose..."
by Bill Mehlman

Goal Setting for ADHD Adults
"Set goals that you can achieve, that mean something to you, and that you can quantify."
by Bill Mehlman

ADHD Reading Tips
"If you can't tell yourself, in one simple sentence, what the author wished to convey on that page, you ain't reading."
by Bill Mehlman

An ADHD Drug Diary
"I called my therapist and got a prescription. Focus, concentration, clarity, with none of the jangling nerves. Too good to be true."
by Bill Mehlman

This is Mozart's Brain on ADHD
"While ADHDans suffer from memory problems, for whatever reason, the synergism with depression can leave you wondering what your own name might be."
by Bill Mehlman

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Top 5 ADHD Treatment Tools & Checklists

FAQ About ADHD Medications
Everything you need to know about starting an ADHD medication — from dosage and possible risks to timing and drug holidays. More...

FAQ About ADHD and Disability Benefits
In some cases, children and adults with ADHD may qualify for disability benefits. More...

Treatment for Adults with ADHD
Doctors once thought ADHD disappeared when the child became an adult. Research is proving otherwise. More...

FAQ About Alternative Medicines
What are alternative therapies, and which ones help – or harm? More...

7 Strategies To Fund ADD/LD Treatment
Expert tips for reducing the financial burden brought on by ADHD. More...

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Top 5 ADHD Treatment Forums

Differences in Concerta vs Vyvanese
"What are the similarities/differences in Concerta and Vyvanese?" - Vicky

Any Problems with Vyvanse?
"My son, who is 7 1/2 and diagnosed 2 years ago, seems to be struggling, and I think we may put him back on Concerta." - dawnburke

No Meds Have Worked!
"My son has been trying new meds and adjusting doses for two years. Do meds not work for some kids?" - bradysmom

Side Effects from Vyvanse?
"I read somewhere that people have had odd side-effects: Clenching jaw, tics, and 'chewing on tongue.' - Amy Alison

Dealing with ADHD Without Medication
"My question to all the parents out there is -- has anyone had success without the medication and what did you do?" - Angela

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