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Best of 2008: Top School & Learning Resources

Top 10 School & Learning Articles of 2008...

A Parent's Guide to ADHD Accommodations

Federal law requires public schools to provide educational accommodations for student with ADHD. Here’s what parents should do to establish and maintain and IEP or 504 Plan. More...

Free Printable: Best Accommodations

School Organization Tips for ADHD Students

Help your child with ADHD or learning disabilities develop school organization skills that will bring success - and end clutter. More...

Free Booklet: Success at School

A Homework System That Works for ADHD Children

Consistent routines provide the homework help children with ADHD and learning disabilities need. More...

Free Printable: Homework Help

Don't Forget: Memory Tips for ADHD Students

15 expert tips for boosting memory and improving academic performance. More...

ADHD Forums: Study Skills

Helping ADHD Children with Impulse Control

Establish clear expectations, positive incentives, and predictable consequences for good or bad school behavior. More...

More Resources for Teachers

How to Write an IEP

How to draft an individualized education program that will provide the accommodations that ADHD students need. More...

Free Printable: Best Accommodations

After-School Organization Plan for ADHD Children

Tips to help your child learn to schedule and prioritize his daily homework assignments. More...

Free Booklet: Success at School

Six Classroom Accommodations for ADHD Students

Proven classroom accommodations for ADHD students and students with learning disabilities like dyslexia. More...

More About Accommodations

Clutter-Free Backpacks and Bedrooms

Develop a school organization system for keeping homework papers and school supplies in their proper place. More...

Printable: Sample Routine for ADHD Kids

Working with the Teacher

A realistic game plan to help parents set up special services and ADHD classroom accommodations. More...

Working With the School

Top 3 School Printables

9 Ways to Achieve Success at School
Organization, accommodation, and homework help for children with ADHD.
School Accommodations for ADHD Children
A list of classroom accommodations that work especially well for children with attention deficit disorder.
School Organization Tips
Organizing school schedules, homework, ADHD medications, and backpacks.

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Top 5 ADHD Parenting Blogs of 2008

Tales of ADHD Destruction
"What’s the most expensive item your child with ADHD has destroyed within 24 hours?"
by Kay Marner

First Day of Summer School
"I have the honor of being known forever more as that psycho-mom who runs bawling to admin every time someone looks sideways at her kid."
by Kay Marner

When the Punishment Is Too Harsh, Part II
"I need to know: What’s your reaction? I need some reality checks. Please, I need some support!"
by Kay Marner

Catering to an ADHD Appetite
"I really do let her have ice cream for breakfast, along with multi-grain waffles slathered in butter."
by Kay Marner

ADHD Sleepy-Time Secrets
"I’m going to be the meanest mom in the world this weekend — making Nat go to bed early, then waking her up early in the morning."
by Kay Marner

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Top 5 Tools & Checklists

2008 ADHD Camps & Schools Directory
Find the right camp or school for your ADHD or LD child... More...
IDEA or Section 504?
Both laws apply to ADHD — so which fits your child? More...
Do ADHD Students Qualify for Special-Education Accommodations?
It depends on the degree of severity of their ADHD... More...
Sample Letters...
...for requesting ADHD accommodations for your child. More...
What Can a Teacher Do?
The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) offers recommendations for teaching children with ADHD. More...
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Top 5 ADHD School Forums of 2008

IEP Help
"My son, who has ADHD/Bi-Polar/Anxiety/PTSD/Depression is now, finally going to have the opportunity to receive an IEP at school." - Tracey

College Scholarships
"We have looked everywhere for college scholarships for children with ADHD and have been unable to find any." - Betty Frisk

My Son Is Gifted and Has ADD
"He generally tests well, but has a very difficult time getting himself started. " - JulieK

Help for 'Results Meeting'
"After three years of begging, we finally had a battery of tests done for my son who is in 6th grade..." - Suz

Forgetting Homework
"Am I expecting too much from my 2nd grader?" - Spider Jess

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