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Best of 2008: Top ADHD Parenting Resources

Top ADHD Parenting Articles of 2008...

ADHD Parenting Advice from Michael Phelps' Mom
Learn from the mothers of three ADHD super-achievers — an Olympic record-breaker, a TV heavyweight, and a world-class adventurer. More...

ADHD Blog: My Picture-Perfect Family

ADHD and ODD: Parenting Your Defiant Child

Discipline strategies for ADHD children who also suffer from oppositional defiant disorder. More...

ADHD Forums: ADHD Discipline Advice

Organization Help for ADHD Children

Learn to create reliable routines at home and at school — because good structure breeds great behavior in attention deficit kids. More...

ADHD Archives: Top 10 Routine Builders

Can Behavior Therapy Help?

Seven ADHD behavior therapy strategies guaranteed to improve your child's attitude and self-control. More...

Ask the Expert: Parenting Help

Smart Discipline Strategies

Expert tips for solving ADHD behavior problems in children with attention deficit and/or learning disabilities. More...

Book Review: Parenting Children with ADHD

Discipline Without Regret

How parents can set boundaries without yelling, screaming, or losing their cool. More...

More ADHD Behavior Secrets

Top 10 Routine Builders

Create better structure with our organization help for children with ADHD. More...

ADHD Printable: Sample ADHD Routine

End Household Clutter

Organization help to transform even the messiest children with ADHD into neatniks -- and help prepare them for life on their own. More...

ADHD at School: The Organized Student

ADHD Parenting Tips: Better Discipline

Tired of nagging and yelling at your children? Better ways to discipline children with ADHD... More...

More Parenting Tips

Order in the House: Disciplining ADHD Behavior

A leading parenting expert shares his secrets for dealing with ADHD behavior problems. More...

Top 3 ADHD Parenting Printables

Sample Routine for ADHD Children
An hour-by-hour schedule to help ADHD children morning, noon, and night.

ADHD Holiday Survival Guide
10 organization, planning, and relaxation tips.

Choosing a Summer Camp
How to decide which one is best for your child.

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Top 5 ADHD Parenting Blogs of 2008

Tales of ADHD Destruction
"What’s the most expensive item your child with ADHD has destroyed within 24 hours?"
by Kay Marner

First Day of Summer School
"I have the honor of being known forever more as that psycho-mom who runs bawling to admin every time someone looks sideways at her kid."
by Kay Marner

When the Punishment Is Too Harsh, Part II
"I need to know: What’s your reaction? I need some reality checks. Please, I need some support!"
by Kay Marner

Catering to an ADHD Appetite
"I really do let her have ice cream for breakfast, along with multi-grain waffles slathered in butter."
by Kay Marner

ADHD Sleepy-Time Secrets
"I’m going to be the meanest mom in the world this weekend — making Nat go to bed early, then waking her up early in the morning."
by Kay Marner

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Top 5 Tools & Checklists

7 Essential Life Skills for Teens
What your ADHD child absolutely, positively must master before leaving home. More...

The Best Toys And Games
Sometimes the simplest toys and games provide the greatest benefit for ADHD kids. More...

Problem-Solving Tips for Parents
A three-step plan for resolving difficulties with your ADHD child. More...

The Stoplight System for Better Behavior
Teachers can use this system to endure good classroom behavior. More...

The Best Summer Sports for ADHD Kids
Baseball? Karate? Which sports best suit an ADD child? More...

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Top 5 ADHD Parenting Forums of 2008

How to Discipline a Child with ADHD
"Time outs do not work, taking things away does not, yelling of course does not work. I just do not know what to do." - Marydel

Social Skills for My 10-Year-Old Boy
"Does anyone have suggestions for a helping with learning social skills?" - anne

Need Help Motivating My ADHD Teen
"I've taken away car keys, cell phone, computer...it just doesn't matter to her. Any suggestions?" - ADDWriter

Video Games and ADHD Children
"Has anyone else noticed that when their child with ADHD/ODD plays video games for any length of time, their ODD gets worse? " - taurus32

Up and Out in the Morning
"Does anyone else have problems getting their ADHD child up and out the door in the morning?." - wildfire

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