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ADHD Awareness Month Webinar Series

Get the facts about ADHD and help spread the word!

Do you wonder if ADHD is a real medical disorder? How it is diagnosed? How it is treated? What it looks like in children versus adults? How to explain it to family, friends, and teachers? Whether you can live a happy, successful life with it?

ADDitude's ADHD Basics webinar series has your answers. ADDitude has lined up three top ADHD experts to give you the latest, most accurate information on topics.

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Hope to "see" you there!

Webinar Topic: Children and ADHD: The Right Diagnosis, Common Challenges, Best Treatments
When: Thursday, October 2, 1 PM EDT
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The Expert: Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.

Webinar Topic: Understanding ADHD in Women and Girls: The Diagnosis, Unique Challenges, Best Treatments
When: Tuesday, October 14, 1 PM EDT
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The Expert: Michele Novotni, Ph.D.

Webinar Topic: Adults and ADHD: The Different Types of ADHD, How to Diagnose Them, How to Treat Them
When: Wednesday, October 29, 1 PM EDT
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The Expert: William Dodson, M.D.

ADDitude has pulled together our very best ADHD advocacy resources to help you participate in the important effort of spreading the word about ADHD in our Guide to ADHD Awareness Month. Click here to discover helpful statistics and tools, humor, perspective, support, and motivation.