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Amanda Driscoll

Amanda Driscoll is an over-committed and under-rested mother of three children, two of whom are confirmed ADHDers. Her oldest firecracker, Holden, was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age. Middle child, Quinn, was more recently diagnosed. Always trying to keep up with her siblings is the toddler, Isla, who is really the cherry on top of a high-energy household.

Amanda can be found performing a finely tuned juggling act on a daily basis. As a PTA mom, she is involved in community outreach efforts that seek to help children in need. Once upon a time, Amanda studied Elementary and Special Education, working as an aid to children with autism and behavioral problems. Now she is a blogger and full-time college student, studying Applied Behavioral Sciences. In order to maintain sanity and steal away some "me" time, Amanda discovered the love of running several years ago. Nothing says "Mommy needs a break!" like heading out for a 13.1-mile run at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

In desperate need of more sleep and a vacation, Amanda fights the daily urge to take a nap during afternoon carpool. Instead, she refuels, constantly, with caffeine. She is what most of us would call a Coffee Junkie. This may be called "self-medicating," as Amanda is most likely a mom who has ADHD, too. For now, she finds that laughter is one of the greatest medicines a mom can take.

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