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Beth Main (formerly Beth Prosser) has made a career out of ADHD. Literally. She’s an ADHD Coach, helping people develop the systems, strategies, and skills they need to overcome their ADHD challenges and reach their goals.

Beth's son was diagnosed with ADHD in second grade. Like many parents, she embarked on a mission to learn everything she could about the disorder. She recognized herself in everything she read, and was diagnosed with ADHD shortly thereafter. Her dog, a miniature Australian Shepherd, does not suffer from ADHD, but seems to have OCD instead. "Gotta herd those bunnies. Gotta herd those bunnies. Can't stop herding those bunnies..."

Before becoming a coach in 2006, Beth was an information technology project manager. She was fortunate to have a supportive boss in her early years at the company who helped her learn how to prioritize, plan, and organize her work. She gradually developed her own systems and strategies to manage her ADHD. Over time, she became a mentor to others. Many of the tools she uses as a coach draw from her project management experience.

"I used to try to hide my ADHD from people," shares Beth. "But it’s actually one of my greatest assets. My clients see me as an inspiration." Indeed, she is a successful businesswoman who followed her passion and is living her dream.

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