Frank South

Frank South is an blogger (Better Late Than Never), a writer for stage (Pay Attention) and screen, an educator (Kids Talk Story), an ADHD adult, and the father to two ADHD adolescents.

I was diagnosed with ADHD (combined type, severe, with super-annoying comorbid conditions) at the age of forty-nine. A short time later my non-ADHD wife, Margaret, and I decided to ditch Hollywood and move with our two school-age ADHD kids, Harry and Coco, to Hawaii, where we’ve lived for nearly ten years. We’ve rebuilt a strange and happy life together focused on our family and making a living doing things we think are interesting and fulfilling.

Since we decided to invent and fund these things ourselves, we’re constantly teetering on the edge of financial oblivion, but it’s worth it. Besides being a stay-at-home dad with serious laundry and kitchen skills when I don’t forget to take my meds, I’m a writer, teacher and performer.

Back in the day, I wrote the one-act plays 2 by South that Robert Altman directed Off-Broadway and filmed for ABC Arts. I’m also known for writing, producing, and directing television shows such as Cagney and Lacy, Fame, Melrose Place and other network programs.

These days I write what I want to write, which is – no surprise – mostly about me. I performed my solo auto-biographical show, Pay Attention – ADHD in Hollywood, On the Rocks with a Twist, at the Santa Monica Playhouse this summer. If you’re curious, takes you to my site about the show as well as other appearances and things I’m doing.

As a teacher, I work part-time for my wife Margaret’s literacy education company Kids Talk Story. I specialize in “at risk” youth and teach the Creative Writing English Class in the Palama Settlement In-Community Treatment Program for adjudicated teens with local slam poet Travis T. The Kids Talk Story web site is filled with a bunch of inspiring and fun stories and pictures.

And I write this blog, Better Late Than Never – small-scale adventure stories about me, Coco and Harry, and Margaret – the patient “normal” person in our family, who, due to her insight, compassion, and evil sense of humor, has earned Honorary ADHD certification.

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