Jane D.

Jane is a 30-something city girl who graduated magna cum laude from college and has had 12 jobs in 10 years, including five years overseas. She's worked on the left coast, right coast, in the 'burbs, and has settled in Gotham (for now).

Jane was diagnosed with ADD and general anxiety disorder in late 2005, thanks to a kind neurologist who told Jane that she is a smart girl, but suffers from a disorder of creative-types and braniacs such as Albert Einstein and Dustin Hoffman. The diagnosis inspired Jane to explore therapy, meditation, introspection, and Eli Lilly.

Like many an ADDer, Jane considers herself a renaissance woman with a wide range of hobbies including swimming, watching films, fine dining (which includes the occasional vending machine cuisine), wine tasting, exercising, and shopping. She loves the ocean, sunsets, traveling, and in her next life wouldn't mind being a beach bum, or professional clothes shopper.

She recently entered the work world again after a long period of unemployment. Jane juggles the new gig at a large corporation run by a He-Boss, along with spending time with family and friends, a new romance after a lengthy romantic dry spell, and searches for stability in the office and out.

She is active in the adult ADD community, and hopes that one day ADDers will be recognized for their true worth, their creativity, their contributions, and their spark.

Jane posts to ADDitude's ADHD blogs - "ADHD & the City" - A blog about surviving and thriving with ADD.

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