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Life with Edgar, who sees the world through a magical lens.
Read Different Drummer » Feed
The rush of raising a teenage son when Mom's mind is racing, too.
Read Life in the Fast Brain » Feed
Things I’ve learned—some hard, some wonderful—while raising an ADHD teen daughter.
Read Mom Is the Word » Feed
Between working a job and keeping up a marriage, this mom is a fierce advocate for her daughter.
Read The Distracted Princess » Feed
Life is tough—and always a laugh—when you are a single dad with four daughters and ADHD.
Read Family Guy » Feed
Days with Ricochet are chaotic and challenging, with lots of silver linings.
Read Boy Without Instructions » Feed
Lessons learned, as this dad and teacher discovers what it takes to make the grade with ADHD.
Read The Learning Curve » Feed
The adopted British comedienne finds her creative birth parents and champions her out-of-the-box DNA.
Read Attention! Different DNA! » Feed
A businessowner and ADHDer juggles work, family, and a mind in hilarious overdrive.
Read Executive Dysfunction » Feed
A midlife ADDiva shares her creative spirit and all the fascinating, not-yet-completed projects that clutter her desk.
Read Confessions of an ADDiva » Feed
Dance to your own song, live the way your heart tells you—and make sure your cape is straight.
Read Absent-Minded Superhero » Feed
Dad to two ADD/ADHD young adults, Frank South is an accomplished TV writer and director who was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and comorbidities at 49.
Read ADHD Dad Blog » Feed
Dating & family, jobs won & lost, surviving & thriving with ADHD.
Read ADHD & the City » Feed
ADDitude's experts answer your questions about children and adults living with ADHD.
Read The Experts » Feed
Strategies for building academic accommodations, studying smarter, building focus, keeping on top of homework, and thriving at school with ADHD or learning disabilities.
Read Success at School » Feed
Sound off about how the world gets ADHD wrong—and why it should wake up to smell the reality.
Read Speak Up, Please » Feed
High-tech and low-tech products to help you get your arms around your ADHD symptoms.
Read Gadgets & Apps » Feed
Sign up for, and keep up to date with, our informative web chats.
Read ADDitude Webinars » Feed
The latest ADHD headlines, studies, and trends.
Read ADHD News Feed » Feed
Hear directly from the world's foremost experts on attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, and other related conditions.
Read ADHD Videos » Feed
ADD/LDers from around the country share their stories and get things off their chest. We are all ears.
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