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Archives: July 2010

posted: Wednesday July 14th - 12:00pm

How ADHD Assets Can Become Workplace Liabilities

If left unchecked, positive adult ADD/ADHD traits, such as creativity, high-energy work productivity, and honesty, could backfire on the job. A lesson on controlling impulses when your career is on the line.

man working in office
I spent four decades on this planet before being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). I always knew that I had a "problem," but I managed to graduate from business school near the top of my class without finding or addressing the cause. When I started working full-time, however, I realized I had a huge problem. I literally wrote my book -- Landing...
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posted: Tuesday July 6th - 6:30pm

This Just In: ADD Adults Are Stupid, Lazy, and Evolved

Contrary to what many of us with the condition might like to think, plenty of people with adult ADD/ADHD are also lazy and stupid. But we should rejoice at this because it means that we’re just like everyone else.

The reality is that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) is part of the normal continuum of the human experience. We're something like five percent of the adult U.S. population -- more than 15 million people. Political correctness aside, Uncle Darwin tells us that our kind would not have survived so long without a damned good reason, even if we don’t know ...
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