Linda Roggli was diagnosed with ADHD at 45 and writes about her midlife add-ventures with honesty and humor. As she searches for focus, happiness, and a place to put all her stuff, Roggli shares the job of being an ADDiva.

posted: Thursday January 22nd - 11:30am

Aging ADHDers Are Happier and More Satisfied After 60 (Despite Their Messy Closets)

The senior years grab you suddenly by the lapels when you are a distracted ADHDer. Here’s what to worry about and to forget about.

ADHD Adults: Managing Symptoms Later in Life
I was a chubby kid. That's not a put-down, but it is a statement of fact. Back in elementary school, I wore "Chubbies." I needed extra fabric to cover my tummy bulges. Shopping for clothes was less than exhilarating. I couldn't find cool clothes like the other kids wore—no smocked dresses or flouncy party attire, just practical, boring Chubbies. There was rarely a choice about what I...
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posted: Friday August 1st - 9:45am

Follow the "Bouncing" Woman

ADHDers know to get back on track after hitting life's potholes.

Jumping Woman
I host a couple of monthly ADHD support groups — one large group of men and women and another smallish group of just ADHD women that I call the ADDivas. Last night, there was a meeting of the ADDiva group, a casual gathering with a lot of talking, interrupting, sharing, and laughter. As we introduced ourselves, one of our members — let's call her Tracey —...
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posted: Wednesday December 4th - 2:22pm

How Do I Get Distracted? Let Me Count the Ways

There are countless opportunities for distraction. Now think about all the ones you skipped past to get stuff done.

Baby carrots, healthy snack
I put away the super-size bag of cute little baby carrots from my latest Costco run. The overstuffed bag takes up too much space in my stylish new stainless steel kitchen fridge, but it fits nicely in the 20-year-old spare refrigerator in the basement. Simple, right? Take bag to basement. Insert into refrigerator. Done. But there were a few complications. I like to keep a small bag...
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posted: Monday November 18th - 9:48am

ADHD Never Sleeps

Getting back to basics -- exercise, meditation, and a healthy respect for the disorder -- is the only way to stay a step ahead of my ADHD.

Passport, Traveling
How many times can I write “It happened again”? A dozen? Five dozen? Five hundred? Even if I pretend not to care about the number, I'm getting tired of repeating my mistakes — especially when I know better, when I have helpful ADHD tools and marvelous ADHD strategies that could (and should) help me avoid these replays. Yet it did happen again. I misplaced my passport, missed...
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posted: Monday September 16th - 10:55am

I Cultivate My Garden — and My Inner Peace

Some people meditate to manage symptoms. I grow vegetables to achieve serenity now.

woman gardening, gardening and ADHD
My love affair with all things dirt-y blossomed on a steep hill that backed up to a golf course in my tiny Louisville, Kentucky, yard. I'd aced "Horticulture for Non-Majors" at Michigan State, which had hooked me on growing indoor plants. But I'd never planted so much as a zinnia in that skinny little layer of the Earth's crust that encircles our planet. My mother-in-law at the...
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posted: Monday July 8th - 11:50am

The ADDiva (Almost) Wears Prada

These gorgeous shoes give great support — but not in the way you're thinking.

Linda Roggli Prada Blog Image
I'm not a fashionista. You won't find designer clothes in my closet or expensive handbags on my arm. They are too costly for my practical ADHD brain. So a pair of Prada shoes was the last thing I expected to live in my closet. It started with a kidney stone on Victor's birthday (Victor is my adorable and adoring husband). He has problems with those nasty things...
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posted: Friday June 28th - 11:30am

Change Your Mind Much? Letterman Can Help

Here's help for the indecisive ADHDer: Draw up your Top 10 reasons for making a decision, and read them when doubt creeps in.

If only she'd watched David Letterman! My ADHD client had changed her mind a dozen times about her new eyeglasses. Sears was cheaper, but the frames were boring. The frames from the doctor's office fit her better; she wanted blue, but they were only available in brown. She'd found the perfect frames online, but they might not be big enough for her first-time bifocals. She needed...
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posted: Thursday October 18th - 10:44am

Cure Your Overflowing Inbox: Unsubscribe!

Stressed out by the digital clutter of unwanted e-mail? Try this single-click solution.

If my email inbox was a physical box instead of a virtual one, there would be no way to get into my office. At last count there were more than forty-nine THOUSAND unread emails waiting impatiently for my attention. Now, in my defense, I do download all my email to eight different computers and I still use the old-fashioned POP email instead of IMAP, which means that...
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posted: Wednesday September 19th - 1:55pm

Snap On Your ADHD "Uppers"

My combo type ADHD has many facets. I summon them as needed.

Roggli Uppers Shoes
Last week I took an overseas trip to the Bavarian region of Germany and needed some good walking shoes. The older I get, the louder my feet protest at being squished, unsupported and generally abused for the sake of fashion. I've already acquiesced; I sorrowfully gave up high heels several years ago. But I've managed to avoid those "Really Ugly Shoes." Until now. A week before...
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posted: Tuesday September 11th - 12:05pm

Straight Talk on Suicide and ADHD

Hoping your ADHD will go away isn't the answer.

Linda Riggoli Blog Post photo
Results of a major research study, recently released, show that adolescent girls with ADHD are more likely to attempt suicide and to inflict injury on themselves than non-ADHD girls of the same age. The study, led by Stephen Hinshaw, PhD and published in the August edition of the online Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, reports that these tendencies show up more often in girls diagnosed with...
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