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Linda Roggli was diagnosed with ADHD at 45 and writes about her midlife add-ventures with honesty and humor. As she searches for focus, happiness, and a place to put all her stuff, Roggli shares the job of being an ADDiva.

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Archives: July 2012

posted: Thursday July 5th - 9:29am

Starting New with Each Breath

A woman with ADHD discovers one place where she always gets another chance to start over and get it right: singing class.

I'm taking singing lessons. It's the fulfillment of a childhood dream that — until now — was secreted into the furthest reaches of my tender heart. After my Big Birthday, though, I decided it was now or never. I chose now. And I'm struggling. Not to stay on key — I've always been able to do that fairly well. No, it's "singing the vowels on my larynx" that...
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