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Linda Roggli was diagnosed with ADHD at 45 and writes about her midlife add-ventures with honesty and humor. As she searches for focus, happiness, and a place to put all her stuff, Roggli shares the job of being an ADDiva.

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Archives: February 2012

posted: Friday February 10th - 6:54am

A Dozen Ways to Say 'No'

...and really mean it, without being mean. A guide for overworked ADHD adults.

Saying no to a request from someone you like, love, admire or hate-to-disappoint is difficult. Perhaps that person really needs help. Perhaps they've always depended on you for support. Maybe it's your turn to buy lunch. But there's hardly time to breathe in your schedule and your ADHD has pushed you behind again. You're weary of the role of 'savior friend' when things go awry in others'...
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posted: Wednesday February 1st - 10:13am

Yes, I'm a 'Yes' Woman

I have trouble with subtraction. I perpetually believe I can squeeze new projects into the time that is already booked to the ceiling.

Linda Roggli ADDiva
I did it again today: agreed to take on a fascinating new project that surely won't take too much time and isn't even due for several weeks. No problem, right? WRONG! When my colleague called and asked for 10 minutes of my time, I was flattered. We talked and talked; she had great ideas. By the time we said goodbye, 30 minutes had elapsed. And not...
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