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Linda Roggli was diagnosed with ADHD at 45 and writes about her midlife add-ventures with honesty and humor. As she searches for focus, happiness, and a place to put all her stuff, Roggli shares the job of being an ADDiva.

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Archives: November 2009

posted: Monday November 30th - 4:40pm

ADHD Adults and Trees

When I see those craggy branches and knot holes, I think of the parallels to ADHD adults. Our attention deficit disorder has bent some of our branches into unusual patterns.

They are embarrassingly naked, the trees that surround my house. Cool temperatures and autumn winds have finally stripped even the most stubborn leaves from their dark branches. During the summer, I tend to see the deciduous trees as one unit, a broad bank of shade. Now the structure of each tree is exposed, every flaw visible. There's a tree trunk that has twisted sideways, perhaps the result...
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posted: Tuesday November 24th - 1:00pm

ADHD, Procrastination, and Pedicures

In true ADDiva style, I began to fall behind in my pedicure schedule. I couldn't get my ADD brain to believe that spending time on a pedicure was as important as other activities.

It's November and I still have naked toes. Ewwww. Are we gonna talk about TOES? Ewwwww! Trust me, it's relevant to ADHD. First, you should know that I've never been much of a spa babe -- one of those women who actually get regular manicures and facials. For the most part, I'm a practical farmer's daughter who gets by on a seven-minute beauty regimen. My claim to...
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posted: Friday November 6th - 4:21pm

ADHD and Going Overboard

Sometimes, overdoing things is a guilty pleasure, like I am indulging my ADHD. That extra brain stimulation can be quite satisfying; it hits the ADHD spot in so many ways.

I went overboard again last night. That's what my dad used to call it when I was a kid: doing too much, talking too much, wanting too much, creating too much of something that had captured my full attention and made me hyperfocus. Last night, it was a long overdue indulgence: reading a novel from cover to cover. All at once. No bookmarks. No "I'll come back...
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