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Archives: December 2011

posted: Wednesday December 28th - 6:16am

ADHD Gadgets: Low-Tech Lanyards to the Rescue

Discreet, customizable, and attached to your hip, lanyards are a simple way to keep your keys where they belong -- and to deliver visual reminders to ADHD children with working-memory challenges.

Ever look down at the palm of your hand to check that important reminder only to find, to your dismay, a blue smudge of indecipherable ink? What can you do when you keep forgetting where you placed your keys or can't remember that thing you just had to do? You've got the ADHD-friendly smartphone, the right apps and a sleek new laptop. Yet you still struggle with losing...
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posted: Wednesday December 21st - 9:38am

How Beth Got Her Joy Back (Or Why I Downsized Christmas)

For years, I dreaded December -- the obligatory cards, the late-night baking, the shopping-list stress, the ADHD-fueled anxiety. Then I ditched it all... except the Christmas joy.

My childhood Christmas memories include cookie baking, tree decorating, and carol singing. Yes, really -- it was perfect. I remember all seven of us signing the dozens of cards sent to friends and family, and taking turns opening each day on the advent calendar. The presents were always highly anticipated -- and usually perfect. My godmother hummed Christmas songs, and always had a hug or a...
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posted: Wednesday December 14th - 6:00am

Sorry. I Forgot.

Memory and forgetting are irrefutably intertwined. You might say they go hand-in-hand for adults with ADHD.

No two handshakes are exactly alike. Some grips are gentle, others firmer. Then there's fist bumps and fancy finger moves. Gosh, in some cultures a simple, yet elegant bow is preferred. Others kiss instead. Despite sometimes bumping heads and awkward giggling, we carry on. So many different ways to do the same thing. My point? We all have different memory capacities. My strength may be your weakness...
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