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Archives: June 2010

posted: Tuesday June 29th - 12:00pm

Adult ADD Guide to Healthy Confrontation

Use these conflict-resolution and management skills to communicate your difference of opinion with a trusted friend, loved one, or colleague, without fighting, losing confidence, and without letting an upset tone of voice or short fuse cause confusion or hurt feelings.

It seems like people with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) either seek conflict or try to avoid it at all costs (perhaps as a result of some painful encounter in the past).  I suppose the same can be said for the general population -- most people just aren’t adept at confrontation.  But I do believe this is a skill most...
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posted: Friday June 11th - 2:00pm

Dieting Advice for ADHD Adults

The ADHD Coach shares how, after gaining 20 pounds, she's beginning to lose weight by practicing portion control, counting her calories, and paying closer attention to her nutrition and overall eating habits -- using these tools.

I gained 20 pounds over the last two years, which is a lot for me. I’ve been trying to lose the weight since winter, but the scales have not been my friend.  Nor has my regular routine. How could I be exercising for 20 minutes a day, eating healthy foods, and still gaining weight?  While I discovered firsthand that what they say...
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