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Archives: January 2010

posted: Monday January 25th - 6:12pm

When ADHD Symptoms Are Out of Control: A Cure

It was shaping up to be a bad ADHD symptom kind of day: lazy and unproductive.

It was dark and rainy outside. I was cranky. Almost 10 a.m. and I hadn't gotten anything done yet. The CD I play to help me focus better (Bach's "Lute Suites") was on its second time through but wasn't helping any. I was starting to feel guilty for being so unproductive. It was shaping up to be an ADHD kind of day. Exercise would help, but I...
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posted: Wednesday January 13th - 12:14pm

Decision Making and ADHD

Decision making is something that most ADHD adults struggle with.

Decision making is something most adults with ADHD struggle with. We also tend to be time blind, meaning it's hard for us to look back or ahead in time. We sometimes need a reminder to look in the right direction. Some of the best advice I ever received about making decisions came from a fortune cookie. It read: Make choices based on who you want to...
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