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Archives: October 2009

posted: Tuesday October 27th - 9:36am

An Inspirational Role Model for ADHDers

If we ADHDers focus on the things we can’t do, we’ll never do them. Better to believe we can.

Hulda Crooks was 101 years old when she passed away in 1997. She was famous for being the oldest woman to climb Mt. Whitney (the highest mountain in the continental United States) and Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan). She climbed Mt. Whitney 24 times between the ages of 66 and 91. Yes, you read that right: A 91 year old woman climbed the highest...
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posted: Wednesday October 7th - 9:16am

A Smart Time Management Strategy for ADHDers

Identifying potential obstacles ahead of time, and putting things into place to prevent them, will increase the likelihood that ADHDers will complete tasks on time.

I’m an optimist. My boyfriend said to me the other day, “Your problem is that you expect the best, and when reality doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re disappointed.” I figured he was making a commentary on our varying styles since he tends to be more of a pessimist. (“No, I’m a realist!” he’ll probably correct me when he reads this.) But what he was actually saying...
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