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Archives: June 2009

posted: Monday June 15th - 11:58am

When I Say Ready...

I asked my son what it's like to live with an ADHD mom who's always running late. Seeing things from his perspective was not flattering, but it was necessary.

I asked my son to write a blog post for me. "What should I write about?" he asked. After kicking around a few ideas, I asked him to write about what it's like to live with an ADHD mom. "What would you say?" I asked him. He laughed and described how we're always late. "You tell me you're ready and it's time to go, so you tell...
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posted: Wednesday June 3rd - 10:47am

Get Back to Work!

10 little ways to recharge your batteries at work without opening the door to ADHD-fueled distraction and procrastination.

In my last post, I wrote about Instant Boss, a free computer application that helps ADHD adults stay on task by running a timer to manage your work and break periods. You tell it how long you want to work before taking a break (say 25 minutes), how long your breaks will be (say 5 minutes), and how many times to repeat the cycle (say 4,...
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posted: Monday June 1st - 10:34am

Stay on Task With This ADHD Timer

Use Instant Boss, an ADHD-friendly download, to help you stay on task and on time at work - without overloading your brain.

Did you ever notice that sometimes you can get more done with two hours of sustained effort than you can in an entire day? The illusion of having lots of time tends to make us more prone to distractions. "I have all day. I’ll just do this one little thing before I get started..." Next thing you know, the day is almost over and...
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