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Archives: May 2009

posted: Tuesday May 19th - 12:20pm

The ADHD Zero-Tolerance Rule

What two self-imposed ADHD rules do I never violate? Putting my keys in 'their spot' and taking my fish oil. Here's why...

I'll confess, I don't always do what I'm supposed to. As a seasoned ADHD coach, I have an arsenal of solutions for every symptom of attention deficit disorder. I know what I need to do. I even know how to do it. But sometimes, I choose not to. There's a part of me that takes joy in noncompliance. I set rules for myself, and my inner...
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posted: Monday May 11th - 11:13am

Have Your Carrots and Pie, Too

Here's one simple and effective strategy that I use for achieving balance in my ADHD life - a little 'should,' and little 'want,' and repeat.

ADHD is a world of extremes. Some days we can’t seem to do anything productive. Other days we only allow ourselves to work on the things we should, at the expense of everything else. Life becomes a drudgery. There has to be a balance somewhere. But how to achieve it? Try alternating your “shoulds” and “wants”. Whenever you accomplish the not-so-interesting work you set...
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