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Archives: April 2009

posted: Thursday April 30th - 12:16pm

Cold Case: An ADHD Tip

Why I leave my keys in the refrigerator - on purpose!

I love Jane D's ADHD in the City blog. She reminds me of that other writer in the city, but she's more real. Last week she made a comment about leaving her keys in the refrigerator. I do that all the time - but on purpose. I used to swing by the grocery store at lunch and put the cold stuff in the refrigerator at work...
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posted: Wednesday April 29th - 2:11pm

ADHD Lessons from the Appalachian Trail

How hiking through the wilderness for four days tested my ADHD-management skills in a million ways, and made me happy to be alive.

I just got back from an amazing four-day backpacking trip. As I reflect on the long weekend and its preparations, it occurs to me that backpacking just might be the perfect fitness activity for ADHDers. There's literally something new to look at around every bend. And it provides all sorts of opportunities to practice our ADHD management skills, such as... Planning ahead I worked really hard...
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posted: Wednesday April 22nd - 10:13am

Closing the ADHD Confidence Gap

From time to time, those high school insecurities creep back in and I begin doubting my abilities for no good reason. Here's how I combat those occasional ADHD confidence problems.

Someone said to me recently, "I can only imagine how your results will soar when your confidence rises to the level of your expertise." Confidence? Whatchoo talkin bout, Willis? I haven't thought of myself as lacking confidence for a long time. But he could be right. There are still times when I procrastinate, or avoid doing something entirely, because of self doubt. For example calling a nationally...
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posted: Tuesday April 21st - 10:37am

When 'Perfect' Is No Good At All

Perfectionism is a type of ADHD-inspired obsessive behavior that can cause procrastination, indecision, dissatisfaction, worry... But it doesn't have to.

Like a lot of people with ADHD, I struggled with writing. The thought of having to write an endless series of brilliant, well articulated posts kept me from starting a blog for a long time. Perfectionism was my biggest obstacle. So I decided to do something about it. The book Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control helped me tremendously. From it, I...
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