ADHD and Setting SMART Goals

This goal-setting strategy can help ADHD adults stay motivated -- and have fun -- while working to reach their target.
ADHD Coach Blog | posted by Beth Main

The return to standard time has me thinking about SMART goals. As in:

S = Specific (What EXACTLY do you want to accomplish?)
M = Measurable (How will you measure success?)
A = Attainable (Is it within your reach?)
R = Resonant (Do you feel driven to accomplish it?)
T = Thrilling (Thrilling?)

Yes, Thrilling. Some people use Timely instead, but I like Thrilling better. It provides the extra oomph you need to stay motivated.

I first learned this acronym in the late fall, a few years ago. At the time, I wanted to keep exercising but it was getting too cold to continue biking. This was before Wii Fit, and I never did like the gym. Running seemed like a good choice, but it can be so dull -- at least, it seemed that way to me. I dreaded it.

What would make exercise thrilling for me? Running at night, with a through-the-woods finale. So that’s what I did. And I loved it! I looked forward to going out just about every night. I reached my goal of losing ten pounds that winter. If I had not done something to make my goal Thrilling, I may not have been successful.

Exercising after about 7:00 impairs my sleep, so I can’t run at night in the summer. I’m back to my old routine now that daylight savings time is over. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the dark, quiet streets and the silhouettes of the trees against the night sky.

What can you ADHDers do to put some Thrill into your goals?

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