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Frank's an ex-TV writer, now sandwich-generation ADHD homemaker with a wife, two kids, a dog, and an eighty-something mother-in-law in a house that won’t stay clean. He writes here to try to figure out what’s going on there.

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Archives: October 2011

posted: Monday October 31st - 6:32am

Sweet 16 and ADHD

Just last week, Coco was a 6-year-old Brownie camping in our back yard. Now she's 16 and I feel overwhelmed that we haven't done enough to prepare her, to make her safe in the real world with her ADHD.

"Do you ever feel like something bad is going to happen, but you know if it does everything will still be okay because you know everything's really basically good but you still feel really bad anyway?" My daughter, Coco, who has attention deficit disorder like here dad, asks me on the way home from school. She rests her red and black Keds straight in front of her...
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