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Frank's an ex-TV writer, now sandwich-generation ADHD homemaker with a wife, two kids, a dog, and an eighty-something mother-in-law in a house that won’t stay clean. He writes here to try to figure out what’s going on there.

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Archives: March 2011

posted: Thursday March 24th - 5:00pm

Can ADHD Teens Survive Mainstream High School?

My ADHD teenage daughter is struggling in high school, trying to keep up with schoolwork and make friends. My own frustrations dealing with embarrassing ADHD symptoms at work are different, but sharing my experiences reminds us both that we're not alone.

At the end of my last post, it was late September of last year. My 15-year-old daughter, Coco, who, like me, has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), for weeks seemed fine with our decision to pursue an individualized education plan (IEP) to start mainstreaming her in her new high school. Then, while setting the table, she suddenly breaks down and lets it out. She hates the...
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posted: Friday March 11th - 6:00am

ADHD Teens: Homeschool or High School?

Under so much pressure to succeed socially and academically in a new school, can my ADHD teenage daughter survive her first semester of high school? Can I, her anxious, overwhelmed ADHD dad, help her?

I’d planned this post to be about my 15-year-old daughter, Coco, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), and how she overcame her struggles with feeling overwhelmed in a new school. I envisioned it would be a simple, straightforward success story for other parents of kids with learning disabilities. In parenting reality though, nothing is simple or straightforward. This fall she started high school in Georgia, where...
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