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Frank's an ex-TV writer, now sandwich-generation ADHD homemaker with a wife, two kids, a dog, and an eighty-something mother-in-law in a house that won’t stay clean. He writes here to try to figure out what’s going on there.

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Archives: May 2009

posted: Friday May 29th - 11:31am

Drinking Down the ADHD

My ADHD son just turned 21 and promptly spent all of his birthday money on alcohol. Now I can't help but worry that my own struggle with attention deficit-fueled alcoholism might trickle down to him.

Holy cow in a cab stand, this has been a lousy / stressful / confusing / incomprehensibly insane-making week. Yeah, I know everybody has them, and attention deficit disorder is no excuse for feeling sorry for oneself just because life can be hard, and for god’s sake there are people in the third world with real problems like starvation and murderous militias outside their doors,...
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posted: Friday May 22nd - 11:22am

The ADHD Book Worm

Reading shuts off the noise for me, and opens a calm world inside my attention-deficit head. My dyslexic daughter is the same way. But my ADHD son? Not so much.

"If you work on your mind with your mind, how can you avoid immense confusion?" ...
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posted: Thursday May 21st - 10:43am

The ADHD Fail-Safe Coat

Screwing up and disappointing others is so much a part of the everyday ADHD life experience that I think, by the time we’re adults, many of us have fashioned a cushioned protective coat around us as one of our principal coping or survival skills.

Rehearsals for my solo ADHD play kept going through April and although I’d taken my daughter’s thoughts to heart, it was still difficult for me believe that anything good was going to come out of all the work Margaret (producer & wife), Mark (director & friend), I (writer, actor, and chump change loser mental case) had put into the project. Because, at the core, whatever...
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posted: Thursday May 14th - 3:51pm

My Daughter's ADHD Insight

Tonight, my daughter reminded me of what I've taught her - not to hide behind the ADHD; not to use it as an excuse when you're tired or scared.

After beating back the panic attack and checking the map, I make it back to my friend’s home and have carne asada and homemade salsa with her and her family. We talk and play with the dog, and I find myself getting used to what I will have to do to get the job done here in L.A. before I get to go home. My...
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posted: Friday May 8th - 10:56am

My Own Worst Enemy

Going 60 on the freeway is not a good place for a full-blown panic attack, so I pull off at an exit, pull into a gas station, and begin yelling at myself - out loud.

After the first rehearsal of my solo ADHD show, I’m driving back to the friend’s house where I’m staying while I’m in L.A. During rehearsal, my memory kept shutting down, and I couldn’t remember my words or what I was supposed to be doing on stage physically. And now, in the car on the freeway, I’m beating down any self-worth to make room for a full...
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posted: Wednesday May 6th - 4:57pm

Knocking Back My ADHD Panic Attack

This ADHD hypo-manic alcoholic is going to mess-up big time. You just watch.

I’m in L.A. and somehow I made it through the opening weekend of my solo ADHD play, so I’m back – Better Late Than Never, as they say. But, although I’m not a big fan of linear thinking or timelines, I’m going to pick up near where I left off in ADHD and My big Trip Part 4, because, well, I’m trying to make sense of some...
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