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Picking Up the ADHD Pieces

The problem with ignoring my problems is that they’re still there, and I still think about them, even if I'm not solving them.

by Rebeka Covell

After a few weeks of breaking all my promises to myself – like going to the gym, staying organized, and keeping up my part-time job – I’m finally getting myself back on track.

Tonight, my sister and I went back to the gym. We skipped about three weeks, after we’d let our one-month membership expire last month. Finally, we decided enough is enough; we renewed our memberships and got right back on the treadmill. I really had to push myself to go, because I was exhausted after work and a doctor’s appointment for an ADHD med-check. I knew my sister had been waiting for me to have some free time from work and apartment showings, so I just got dressed and forced myself to go.

After the first couple minutes I remembered that once you start running, it actually gives you an energy boost. Surprisingly, after half an hour of running (they were about to close; but better late than never) I felt like I had more energy than when I dragged my feet into the gym.

I also finally cleaned up my room today. The clothes draped over chairs, my two hampers, and rolled up on the floor had gotten ridiculous, so I finally folded everything and put most of it away where it belongs. I still need to clean out my overflowing drawers, but that’s a big job – more suited for the weekend.

Tomorrow is my first day back at my part-time mall job after almost two weeks off dedicated to the roommate search. t looks like we might have someone who’s interested! I’m actually excited to work a 15-hour day; folding clothes and ringing up customers is much less stressful than showing an apartment over and over, desperate to find someone.

The problem with ignoring my problems is that they’re still there, and I still think about them, even if I'm not solving them. Getting back on track, and picking up the pieces I’ve been scattering for the last couple of weeks feels good. I can see the floor, I burned 232 calories, and I’ll be back working both my jobs tomorrow.

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