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Run for Your Life

Exercise routine: One day down, the whole summer to go.

by Rebeka Covell

This week, I decided I need to get some exercise. So, I coaxed my brother and sister into joining a gym for the summer. Last summer I joined a gym, and was determined to go every morning. That lasted for about a week. But this summer everything is going to be different.

My sister, who is more motivated than I am, actually wants to go to the gym. So when I whine and say "I’ll go tomorrow," she won’t take no for an answer. And she won’t go alone; I’m her ride there and back. However, this summer I was cautious about spending too much money on a membership I might use only for a week. I paid cash for a one-month membership, so I won’t keep getting charged if I decide exercise really isn’t my thing after all. And, I got it pretty cheap with my college I.D.!

My sister and I put on some cute matching workout outfits, loaded our iPods with upbeat music, packed a few magazines and prepared to walk on the treadmill. I think my brother may have been slightly embarrassed to be seen with us, looking as unathletic as can be. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have been more obviously beginners if we had taped signs to our backs.

Needless to say, we figured our how to turn the treadmill on, and even entered our weights to calculate how many calories we burned. After 45 minutes we didn’t look as good as when we started, and we sure were tired. We decided to call it quits for the night and save the other scary torturous-looking contraptions for another day.

Exercise routine: one day down, the whole summer to go.

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