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Archives: March 2011

posted: Monday March 14th - 10:30am

ADHD in High School: Lunch Hour Is the Most Terrifying Time of Day

For a high school teen with ADD/ADHD, social anxiety turns a lunch break into a battleground.

It’s the day after my therapy-induced epiphany about my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and social anxiety. But back at the high school lunch posse, little has changed. It’s a lovely spring day and my group -- mine not because they have any claim to me or I to them but because they mostly leave me be -- has decided to sit in the cafeteria’s outdoor...
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posted: Monday March 7th - 2:30pm

Are ADHD Children and Adults Introverts or Extroverts?

My ADHD has landed me on both extremes of the social spectrum -- I went from being a verbose and confident elementary school student to a shy and awkward teen. In high school, a therapist offered this explanation -- and gave my shaky self-esteem a welcome boost.

To this day, my last three years of elementary school remain the pinnacle of my professional and personal development. These were the years that I planned lunar landings with other ground-controllers in Woodbrook Elementary School's gifted program, basked in the praises of at least half of the school staff, and enlightened my fellow students with such artistic flagships as my one-man...
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