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Archives: June 2008

posted: Wednesday June 25th - 9:32am

Workin' 9 to 5. OK... 9:10 to 5.

Day One of the summer internship was a resounding success - despite a few freak-out moments of feeling overwhelmed. All in all, I'm feeling quite grown up, thank you.

Today was a big day in my life as a grown-up. I finally started my first real job as an intern in the office of a small construction company. I didn’t mention my ADHD at the interview, because I’d rather try to work it out on my own, and learn to cope without accommodations at work. This morning I was so proud of myself: I woke up...
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posted: Tuesday June 24th - 8:23am

Was Woodstock Like This?

The physical and emotional release of dancing and singing — high-pitched, out-of-tune, and soaking wet — all day long at a festival concert was amazing.

A few weeks ago, I discovered the perfect place for an ADHD person like me. It was loud, energetic, upbeat, and the focus shifted every 15 minutes. While these adjectives are often used to describe me, I use them to describe an all-day concert hosted by KISS 108, a local radio station. My sister and I recently went to the annual KISS concert in Boston,...
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posted: Friday June 20th - 8:19am

The Smell of Red Bull In the Morning

This semester, I tried to turn over a new "cramming" leaf. Turns out the old leaf wasn't so shabby.

It honestly baffles me that people can study for exams weeks or even days before the test. No matter how hard I try - making schedules, setting timers, going to the library - it seems impossible for me to seriously accomplish anything until I face a panicked rush to the finish. I know it’s not healthy, but my study skills are fueled by energy drinks, coffee,...
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