ADHD Knitting Project – Complete!

I've finally discovered a project that I'm actually motivated to finish. The joy of accomplishment does wonders for ADHD self esteem.
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For Christmas, my aunt gave me a knitting project that was perfect for my ADHD. An afghan knit using size 50 needles (that’s about an inch in diameter) and four skeins of yarn held together. It was called the six-hour afghan. Of course I didn’t knit the whole thing in six hours all at once, but it’s been less than a month and it’s completely done.

For an ADHDer like me it was the perfect project. It was simple – knit a whole row, purl a whole row. It was novel – how could size 50 needles not be fun. And possibly most importantly, the gratification was as close to instant as you’ll probably ever get with knitting – literally every row or two created an inch of blanket.

I’ve always wanted to knit a big project, but I had just about resigned myself to the fact that if I started something complicated or big it might never get finished. Anyone who’s felt like this should try a six-hour afghan. It’ll do wonders for your self esteem. Just think; an ADHDer like me with practically nonexistent free-time finished a six-hour afghan in about three weeks.

I love my new blanket so much that I’m thinking about making more. Mine’s kind of long and I tend to trip over it when I’m walking around the house, so I thought I’d make a smaller one to use as a shawl. And maybe if I made one that’s more square I could use it as a throw blanket. Or maybe that’s just the ADHD in me getting carried away again!

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