ADHD Christmas Shopping Strategy

This year may be the first time ever that I went Christmas shopping and bought everything I was supposed to without forgetting half of it--I'm so proud!
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Last night after I finished writing my ADHD blog I started worrying that I hadn’t bought Christmas gifts yet and I was running out of time. So I sat down, thought of everything I wanted to buy, and where I had to go to get it all. Then tonight I actually went to the store and got everything. It may have been the first time ever that I went in the store and bought everything I was supposed to without forgetting half of it – I’m so proud!

I’ve been saying that I was going to do my shopping for a while now, but then I come home from work and I’m tired; so I promise myself I’ll do it the next day or on the weekend. On the weekends I’m already in the mall working so I try to go shopping when I’m done with work, before the mall closes. But that never works, because I’ve been standing on my feet for eight hours, and by then I can’t decide what I want anyways. Usually, shopping after work ends up with me wandering around the mall aimlessly drinking soda and eating soft pretzels.

But today was different; I planned out where I needed to go, what I needed to buy and told myself I wouldn’t buy anything extra – including snacks. I did everything short of making a list and a map (I’d just get frustrated when I inevitably lost the list). Still, I was unbelievably successful. I left my house at 6:30 pm, and I was back home about 10 pm. I was on a mission; no browsing, no stopping in extra stores along the way, and I stuck to my goal. I discovered that it’s actually rewarding to only buy what you came for.

I can’t exactly say what I bought, or which stores I went in, because it would ruin the surprise for everyone to read about their gifts a week in advance. However, I can say that I spent less than ten dollars on things I didn’t actually need for gifts. This might be a new record for me.

Phase One (shopping): Complete. Now on to Phase Two (wrapping).

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