The Girl with the One-Ton Purse

Who doesn’t love a girl that carries contact lens solution, dental floss, five hair elastics, a mini flashlight, and a USB memory stick everywhere she goes?
ADHD College Blog | posted by Rebeka Covell | Monday November 17th - 11:05am
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When you know you’re bound to forget something–like me–you tend to carry everything you could possibly need with you at all times.

Sometimes, someone will pick up my purse and say “Oh my God! What do you have in here? It weighs a ton!” Let me describe for you exactly what I have that weighs so much:

Of course I have the basics that everyone else has; my wallet, change purse, phone, keys, lip balm, etc. But, I also have a few things that not everyone carries everywhere they go.

I have a makeup bag with a spare tube of mascara and a basic eye shadow in case I forget to put mascara on one eye and don’t realize it until I’m halfway to my destination. There are always at least two different flavors of gum so I can choose the flavor I’m in the mood for.

I have a book to read on my lunch break or when I get bored. I also have a small knitting bag with a project to keep me occupied if I don’t want to read.

I always carry around my graphing calculator and a pencil case full of highlighters, pens, and pencils that I use at work. I have my set of store keys for my retail job on a hook that I can clip onto my belt loop so I won’t set them down and forget where the keys are.

There is a pair of cotton gloves in case it’s cold in the morning and a pair of black knee highs in case I forget them on my way out the door. I always seem to leave my sunglasses at home, so I keep one pair in my purse and another in the car.

One of the most important things in my purse is a small container with a few Tylenol and an extra Ritalin in case I forget to take it in the morning.

And crinkled up on the bottom are about 60 Post-it notes and scraps of paper with reminders and notes-to-self. There are also lists of my schedule at my part-time job that I didn’t write dates on, so I have no idea which are for the coming week and which are from weeks ago.

Admittedly, my purse weighs close to a ton. But I’ve learned from experience that if I take things out when I think I don’t need them I’m bound to wish I had them days later. So many times I’ve taken out my calculator and highlighters on a Friday; so I wouldn’t have to carry them around all weekend – and just as many times I’ve gone to work on Monday without a pencil.

Besides, who doesn’t love a girl that carries contact lens solution, dental floss, five hair elastics, a mini flashlight, and a USB memory stick everywhere she goes?


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