From ADHD Employee to ADHD Manager

I've been promoted to manager at my retail job, but I'm a little nervous about the responsibilities that come with the position.
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This week I was given a big responsibility at my part-time retail job. Because it’s coming up on the busy holiday season, the company chooses one associate in each store to be a temporary holiday manager. Basically this person has some manager’s responsibilities from November until January. I’ll give you one guess who my store chose: Me!

While I’m thrilled that they chose me I’m also a little nervous. I mean, opening the store by myself… what if I forget to do something?! Having a set of keys to the store… what if I set them down and can’t find the keys?! Dealing with customer service issues… what if I don’t know the answers to questions or complaints?!

I know I wouldn’t have been chosen if they didn’t think I was ready, and I’ve been practicing manager-ish things for a few weeks now, so I’m pretty well prepared. I guess it’s just scary taking on more responsibility. I’ve never been in charge of other people before. What if I’m not good at it?

I’m good at ringing up customers, finding clothes, and cleaning up the mess of clothes people leave in the fitting room; but I’m not sure I’ll be good at other things like paperwork, making change at the bank, and assigning other associates their tasks for the day.

Being in charge is a big responsibility; but I guess I’m mostly excited, and after a week or two I’m sure I’ll feel like it’s nothing. Besides, it’s only for two months – if I really stink at it it’s not forever!

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