Surprise Family Vacation

Nothing refreshes and regroups all the ADHDers in our family better than a surprise family vacation.
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I just got back from the best weekend ever! I went on a four-day surprise vacation with my family to a gorgeous resort cabin in Maine. The location was a surprise until we arrived; I was told to ask for Friday and Monday off and that it was about four hours away by car.

I’ve been anticipating this weekend for a few weeks now, asking questions and trying to get people to tell me where we were going but no one would spill the beans. I’m not so great with secrets so I guess it’s a good thing that no one gave me any hints.

When we finally arrived the house was unbelievable; huge open spaces, state of the art appliances, sound system, high definition TVs, and enough room to comfortably sleep all nine of us. We unpacked our stuff, ran around the house ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything, then sat down to get our itinerary for the weekend.

My mom had planned activities for everyone to participate in like baking pies, watching home movies, and having family game night. I got to spend time with my family just relaxing, instead of running around to work, dance class, basketball practice and the hundred other things we do on a daily basis. It was so nice to enjoy everyone without worrying if we were late for something or other.

After this weekend I feel refreshed; ready to tackle the weeks ahead; ready to sign up for some classes for next semester; and not the least bit stressed or overtired like I was last week at this time.

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