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Can somebody please just tell me the truth? I find it impossible to sort through all this political jibberjabber.
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Today I am officially a responsible citizen. I registered to vote! OK, so the last day to register was today, and true to my ADHD-self I screamed in there at the last minute license in hand, ready to become a voting citizen. As I contemplated which party I should register as I was reminded that this is a serious decision and I shouldn’t just check off whichever box sounds the nicest.

I almost registered as the green-rainbow party even though I have entirely no idea what it even means; the name just sounded fun. In the end I checked off the “No Party Designation” box, undecided as usual. After registering I came home and decided I should watch the last presidential debate so I could actually decide who to vote for. I was upset that they canceled Grey’s Anatomy for a political debate. Even though I missed the first two debates, I figured one for three ought to help me sift through all the information people throw at me; persuading me to vote one way or the other.

I thought that debate would help. It only confused me further. They argued over things I had no idea even existed, they didn’t give a direct answer to any of the questions, and they went back and forth with “you said this” and “no I didn’t”. Can somebody please just tell me the truth? How can one person say health care costs $12,000 a year and another say it only costs $5,800? The debate left me even more confused than ever. I suppose if I knew more about world politics and the economy I might be better able to understand the issues; the debate left me feeling like I don’t know much of anything about anything.

I guess I’m back to my original plan of voting for whatever sounds nicer on the ballots; or maybe I can take one of those online quizzes that tell you who to vote for.

If only it was that simple.

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