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Typical of ADHD, I had so much energy and motivation until the job got boring and I quickly lost interest.
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This weekend I was planning to take all my winter clothes out of the basement and put all my summer clothes away until spring. I know this is not a quick project, but it was a long weekend; I thought that was plenty of time to get organized.

I was supposed to work at the mall for four hours on Saturday, and four hours Sunday. Then, they called and asked me to work 8 hours Saturday, and another 8 hours Sunday. Then, I made plans to sleep over my friend’s new apartment Sunday night and go shopping together Monday. Before I knew it it was Monday at 7pm and I hadn’t started my clothes yet. For some reason I had this urge to just start right then and get it done. Not wanting to waste organizational inspiration, I started lugging the huge buckets up from the basement.

I was inspired enough to take everything out of two buckets and put it in piles all over my bed. Then I folded all my summer stuff and put that into the buckets. Easy enough. But then it was time to organize all the winter clothes and find a way for six huge piles to fit into three small drawers. That was the exact second I lost my motivation.

I swear; it’s like a complex mathematical equation trying to fit all my clothes into the drawers. Folding and refolding and trying these shirts in that spot and those sweaters in this pile… ahhhh! It would probably be easier for me to just throw away some clothes; but I love them all and I really think I’ll actually wear them all.

Needless to say I was just too tired and frustrated to finish what I’d started. I’d started to get a migraine, and I was ready to just shove everything in the drawers and close them quickly before there was an explosion of sweaters and tee shirts and pajamas and sweatpants all over my room. I just piled all the piles into one big pile on a chair and called it quits for the night.

Typical of ADHD, I had so much energy and motivation until the job got boring and I quickly lost interest. I guess it wasn’t a bad start; at least the easier half of the job is done. Now, if I could just find time to finish the difficult half of the chore.

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