Channel Surfing with ADHD Distractibility

Three hours later, my evening agenda of productive chores has gone totally down the drain, and this blog is all I have to show for a Monday night!
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First let me tell you all the things I was going to do tonight. First, I was going to go out shopping for a fall coat right after work. It’s pretty cold in the morning and just short sleeves aren’t cutting it anymore. I was going to do all my laundry tonight so I’d have clothes to wear to work this week. I was going to repaint my nails because they’re really chipped and it drives me crazy. I was going to write a few more blogs that I’ve had sitting in my head waiting to get onto the computer. Ok, ok, and I was going to watch the newest Desperate Housewives that I missed yesterday.

Let me now tell you what I actually did. I watched Desperate Housewives online while I painted my nails. Then, I proceeded to watch Opportunity Knocks and 2 episodes of I Survived a Japanese Gameshow. Are those even shows that I follow? No. They just came up after Desperate Housewives and they looked funny so I clicked on them. And wasted 3 hours.

I didn’t get a coat; but that’s mostly because I stayed an hour late at work and went straight home instead of to the mall. I didn’t even touch the laundry; I just really hate waiting around and having to constantly think about it for hours. This blog is the only one that’s getting done, because now I’m tired from my strenuous night of T.V. watching (ha ha). I guess the ideas will have to stay in my head until tomorrow.

As usual, distraction got the best of me and the impulsive "ooh this looks fun" click ended up costing me three hours; because everyone knows that once you start an episode you have to know how it ends!

I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up too much over my wasted time. After all, two for five isn’t so bad… even though the two things I accomplished were things I wanted to do, not things I needed to do. Actually, I filled my gas tank on my way home from work; and I needed to do that! So now I’m 3 for 6 and I accomplished something important.

Besides, those shows were really funny!

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