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For a bunch of ADHDers it’s a miracle that we make it anywhere on time, but we seem to pull it off every time.
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This weekend was my cousin’s wedding. With all the confusion and running around with last minute details it’s a miracle we even made it there!

My cousin got married at 5pm on Friday, and the wedding was an hour and a half from my house. We could check into the hotel at 2pm to start getting ready, so counting back we should have left our house at 12:30pm to be right on schedule. The only problem was the strict absent policy at both my brother and sister’s high schools that wouldn’t allow us to leave until 1pm. Oh, also there was the small detail that my outfit wasn’t quite ready yet.

My dad works close to the wedding, so he just left work early and met us at the hotel. I didn’t go to work at all on Friday; my youngest brother got dismissed at 10am, and the high schoolers jumped in the car at the last minute.

In last minute haste I decided the day before the wedding that I really didn’t like the dress I already had, so I went out and bought another new dress that was much better. The only problem was that I needed jewelry to match the new dress. So Friday at 10am I went to the mall as soon as it opened to buy some jewelry to wear that night. My mom couldn’t find her black nylons so I was going to pick those up for her too. In case you couldn’t tell we’re a very organized family.

So I bought the jewelry, bought the nylons, and ran home to shower and get ready to leave. My mom packed our clothes, dropped off and then picked everyone up from school, and still managed to get herself ready to go almost on time. We left our house around 1:30pm, already behind schedule and arrived at the hotel at 3pm. After all the requisite hellos we finally got into our room and started the mad dash to get everyone looking presentable in time for the service.

I swear, the hotel room was like a synchronized swimming pool with everyone running here and there and somehow avoiding collision the entire time. My grandparents attended the wedding, but did not stay overnight, so there were 8 people getting ready in one suite-style hotel room.

Eventually we all made it to the wedding; no one forgot a shoe or a belt or hairspray. The reception was so much fun, and seeing all our cousins was great. It’s a miracle that we made it on time looking put together, calm and collected but we seem to pull it off every time.

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