My New Car

I absolutely LOVE my car. It’s so cute and small and it’s really clean and shiny and fancy looking on the inside.
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Finally, I have my very own brand new (to me) used car! I’ve never been so happy before. I settled for crank-up windows with what I thought was a working ‘beep beeper’ as I call it (I learned that it’s actually called a remote entry system). Turns out that beep-beeper didn’t actually work.

Before we left the car place my dad thought to check the remote entry system to see if it actually worked, since they leave it unlocked when you test drive it. We found out that it made the horn beep and the lights flash, but it didn’t actually lock the car. They said I’d have to take it to someone else to have it fixed if I wanted to use it since it was an aftermarket product. Fine. I can wait a while and if I want to spend money to fix it I can in a few months.

Here’s the funny thing; when we got home I was showing my cute new car to my family and I was pressing the lock button just to make the sound, and show my mom that it didn’t lock the doors. Then, my mom tried to start the car and an alarm started going off and the car refused to start. As it turns out, the alarm system works great, it thinks the alarm is set, even though the doors aren’t locked. When you go to start the car without pressing unlock it assumes someone broke in and is now trying to steal your car. I guess I’ll have to get that fixed sooner rather than later because now I’m terrified that I’ll go to start the car and all kinds of alarms will go off.

I put the beep-beeper with the spare key in our “keys, phones, and other junk” basket in the kitchen and I’m not going to touch it until it’s fixed. Knowing me I’ll absentmindedly press the lock button like I’m accustomed to doing on my mom’s car then I’ll be stuck at work or at the mall with an alarm going off, no way to stop it, and no way to get home.

Beside the whole beep-beeper situation (which really isn’t an issue now that I know not to play around and pretend with it) I absolutely LOVE my car. It’s so cute and small and it’s really clean and shiny and fancy looking on the inside. And it’s really good on gas; I’ve driven it for a week now and it’s still half full!

My family’s making fun of me because I’m so obsessed with my new car. Mostly because every time I get home I say "I’m home; with my NEW CAR!” And I was thinking of good names for it, but my mom said I don’t need to name my car. Ok, and last week I asked my sister if she wanted to sit in my car with me. She asked where I was going; I told her nowhere I just wanted to sit in it. She gave me a strange look and said thanks but no thanks.

I’m determined to take really good care of my new car. I’m not going to leave any crap in it. No paper plates from when I was rushed at breakfast. No gum wrappers. No scraps of paper filling the front seat. It’s going to be spotless and beautiful forever. Well, at least another week!

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