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Impulse buys are harmless, frivolous fun... sometimes. One of those times is definitely not when purchasing a used car whose bad brakes and rusting exhaust aren't advertised.
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For the past week or so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect car. It has to be good on gas, not have too many miles on it, be small (but not 2 door), have at least some features like power locks, power windows etc. Oh, did I forget to mention it has to be cheap?

Turns out there aren’t too many luxury cars for under $5,000 but with the help of my dad I’ve been determined to find something nice.

The problem is I know absolutely nothing about cars and I have the hardest time keeping the options and features of one car separate from another in my mind. Usually, we come home and my brother asks ‘what kind of cars did you look at today?’ my response is limited to ‘a black car, and a red car.’ I can’t remember the make and model; never mind whether it was a 4- or 6-cylinder and how many miles were on it.

My judgment of cars is completely superficial; if I like the color, the interior is clean (and smells clean), it has power windows, and a CD player I’d just assume buy it. Luckily, my dad has the good sense to take it to a mechanic and have it checked first.

This week I was all set to buy one of the ‘black cars’ I’d seen, so my dad put down a deposit and took it to a mechanic to have it inspected. The mechanic said the brakes needed to be replaced, the exhaust system was on its way out, and someone had painted the car from red to black.

Thank God I didn’t just impulsively throw down a couple thousand dollars and walk away with the car. That would have been one expensive impulsive decision! Thanks to the good sense and patience of my dad I saved a lot of money, and didn’t end up with a lemon of a car that would break down in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, I’m back out on the hunt for my perfect car again this week. Wish me luck!

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