The Accidental Thief

Is it stealing if you borrow something and accidentally forget to return it thanks to a little ADHD?
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I’ve been finding things that I borrowed from people and then never returned. It’s not that I really wanted it, so I just kept it; it’s just that I forgot to give it back.

Under my desk is one of my sister’s black ballet flats. I would return it, except that I have yet to come across its match. She saw it the other day and said ‘hey, that’s my ballet flat!’ I told her she could have it, if she only wanted one shoe.

Apparently, I’m quite the thief when it comes to my sister’s clothing. It’s just that whatever fits her fits me, so I ‘borrow’ her clothes a lot. Thinking about it, her maroon tank top is in my closet, because it matches a dress I have, her gray camisole is in my drawer (I don’t even know why), and I had one of her shirts on my door, but she took it back a few days ago, after it was there for weeks and I never wore it. I borrowed her black sweater in May to wear to work; I wear it all the time and it’s pretty much become my sweater.

There’s a bottle of coral nail polish on my dresser that belongs to my aunt. I borrowed it a few months ago to paint my nails, and I always forget to give it back to her when I see her. Summer’s almost over and I’ve had her favorite summery color since June.

There’s a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey in my drawer that’s not mine, but I can’t return it, because I don’t know who it belongs to.

If you’re reading this and I’ve stolen something from you by accident: a) I’m sorry. b) feel free to steal it back (I probably won’t even notice), or c) yell at me and tell me to give it back, I might have forgotten it was yours to start with.

I’m not a thief, I swear! I’m just forgetful!

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